Thursday, April 30, 2009

I carried Abbie to the doctor today. Like I thought she thinks it is allergies also. So I am to keep doing what I am doing and if it is not better by Sunday start giving her some antibiotics because it more than likely will have turned into a sinus infection. But she gave me the prescription today so I don't have to go back just for that. Most doctors would have told me to bring her back Monday if she was not better by then. Have I mentioned that I am so glad that Dr Coleman is back!!! I missed her so so much! Abbie didn't remember her, they were not quiet 2 when she left. But she liked her, she gave her 2 stickers! Want to win my monkeys over - give them stickers! Want a star in your crown - give them batman, spider man and princess stickers! Now I am not real fond of them. I have had to scrub them off of the coffee table and Mike's recliner more than once. They now have place mats that I have told them they can stick them to.
Thank God they liked this idea. Abbie is barking (coughing) right now, going to be another long night. I asked what I could do about the coughing. Nothing. It is more a result of drainage than anything else. So as long as it is draining she will more than likely be coughing. I hope she is better in a few days! PLEASE!!!!

Abbie wore panties to town today!!!! YEA!!!! She did so good!
But I have discovered that she will not go potty in a store or doctors office. She told me that she wanted her little potty. Well I have the solution to this! When I go some where with her, be it all 3 of them or just her we will go in the van from now on. I have a potty in the back of it and she can go potty on her little potty! I'll just have to move around some car seats will be the only problem with doing this. But it is doable. But she went from 1:00 to about 4:15 with out wetting her panties. YEA!!! Tonight at bed time she insisted on sleeping in her panties... well we will see about this one in the morning. But she wanted to, her bed (plastics mattress cover) so I will let her.
There she goes again, barking. I go in there and she is sound asleep...barking. How can she sleep through that. I makes me think of when I have had bronchitis. Where if you lay down you start coughing and gaging. I could never sleep through that and I can't sleep through her doing this. It bothers me more than it does her. Oh well, maybe I might go get that prescription filled a little early.
We went to the funeral home last night. I had not seen Connie & Glenn in to long. I hate that it took something like that for me to see them now. Keyo was married, he had a little boy who is 4 or 5 and a little boy who is 1. There are just no words for it.
It is so hard when someone that young dies. Brings back so many memories of someone I miss so much! Of someone I still catch myself wanting to talk to.
Night all - enough for tonight.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yesterday afternoon I found out that a young man that I had loved to spoil rotten when he was a little boy was killed in a car wreck. I have not seen him in a long time, and I will always remember him looking like he did in the pictures of him that I have. He was 26 years old. An 18 year old girl pulled out in front of him and they were both killed. He was married and had 2 little boys. Please remember him & his family in your prayers, Thanks.
Keyo Craft

Monday, April 27, 2009

Andy is all better, and I mean ALL BETTER! He has been so mean to Abbie & Levi today. If he was told not to do something, he would look at me and do it while I was standing there watching him. Needless to say he has been in trouble most of the day. I think it ad got backed up for the 4 days he was sick. I hope that he got caught up today and will be back to the normal Andy tomorrow. Plus if everyone has a good night tonight maybe we can get out side some tomorrow. I really didn't think it was a good idea today. Abbie had a really bad night last night. So much congestion and coughing. I know it is allergies. But it has to get better, better than last night anyway. When it sounds like she can't catch her breath I can't sleep. She sounds better tonight so far, I've got my fingers crossed! Levi is still running a fever, not eating much & just laying around. But it has not been as high tonight as it was for the last 2 nights. His started Saturday afternoon, so today is 3 days. Andy's lasted 4 days, so I guess he might have 1 or 2 more days of it. I hope that I get some sleep tonight, this is going on 5 nights with very little sleep. With Mike at work I never sleep good, but better than I did last night.
Good Night!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I carried Andy to the doctor yesterday. They told me it was viral and just to keep doing what I was doing. But if he was still running a fever Monday afternoon to bring him back on Tuesday that it might have turned into something else.

The monkeys were supposed to spend the night with granny & pops Saturday night. Well they all had to go up there with the understanding that I was going to come get Andy that evening. Well about 1:00 mom calls me and says that Levi is now running a fever. OK - Do I need to come on up there. No - I'll just give him Tylenol. Not 15 mins. later she calls back, both boys are crying to come home. THIS IS A FIRST! So I go get the boys. Abbie stays with granny & pops. She is loving this! I did have to send Mike up there with her bicycle (tricycle). As soon as we got home the boys got their pillows and blankets and went to sleep. Mike also went to sleep in the recliner. So I decided that I would join them and got on the couch. We all slept most of the afternoon. I had some push-up in the freezer so I let the boys have these since they were not really eating anything. They did OK, for a while. When we started to eat supper Levi walked into the dinning room and threw-up. He started crying, this was the first time he had ever been sick. He told me that the push-up cause him to "splash". I tripe to tell him it was not the push-up he was just sick but he would not have that. But he seemed to feel better after he "splashed". I was up several times during the night to check on them and give them medicine. Today Andy is a lot better. He still has a low grade fever but he is as mean as ever. I think he is trying to catch up for the last couple of days. They kept asking when their Abbie was coming home. Once she got here they never paid her an attention. Just wanted things back to normal - or as normal as it ever is here.

When granny & pops brought Abbie home they told me she had one of her nights where it seems like she can't breath. I had forgot to send her Claritin with her. So I gave her some then and I have a vaporizer in her room right now. I am hoping she does alright to night. She has not had a fever so maybe she won't get this mess. At least they are not doing it all at the same time.

On top of the monkeys being sick I think I have it or something. I have had a fever of 100 or so since around lunch yesterday. But I feel some better tonight.

Hopefully everyone will be feeling a lot better tomorrow. I sure hope so! Good night all!