Thursday, May 7, 2009

The monkeys are all better... full force ahead! That is not a good thing when you feel like I do right now. I gave in and went to the doctor today. Sinus infection, ear infection & upper respiratory infection. YEA, the works. The really bad thing is I fell worse right now than I have. I thought that shot was going to make me feel better...right then! Maybe in the morning!
Not to much going on here right now. Levi had one of his spells tonight at bed time when I could not find the "right" bat man. The one with the big cape... Ok they are all about the same size and none of them were what he was wanting. So he got mad at me and went to sleep. Maybe we will find it tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It has been a long day, an even longer evening/night. I feel like crap. I don't think I have what the boys had, I think more along the lines of a sinus infection or something. But I feel like I am going to fall out. I can't sleep and I have just about had it. But how do you tell 3, 3 year olds this? They don't get it and they just know what they want to do. Also the one pretty day we are going to have this week I had to get them out side. That didn't seem to make things worse but it sure didn't help.
Last night Abbie woke up around 12:30 wanting the humidifier back on in her room. So I got up and did that. Around 3 she woke up again. She was sleeping by her self. OK, she has been sleeping by her self since she was 3 or 4 months old. In her own room since she was 9 months old. So this morning around 3 this fact must have hit her. She wanted some one to sleep with her. She ended up on the couch. This was enough to make her happy and let me go back to bed. Around 5 Andy is talking with someone. Sound asleep just a talking. Then around 6:30 Abbie is standing beside me telling me she is wet. She is sleeping in pull ups and it was wet. OK. I get up and change her into panties, head back to bed... not a chance. Sit with me. So I am sitting with Abbie on the love seat watching Blues Clues. So I am not sure how much sleep I got but it was not enough. Around 7:30 I went to call Mike. This is when I discovered that not only was Abbie's pull up wet this morning so was the love seat. Only now so was my butt! So back in I go to clean the cushion on the love seat. Mike got home and I went to the tanning bed. Wet shorts and all. Good start to the day!
After breakfast we colored and played for awhile. Then we went outside. The monkeys played and I put out tomato plants. Planted carrot seeds, water melon, pumpkin seeds and a few others. Then we took the pea seeds I had got up on the hill behind us to plant for the deer. We are hoping they will start coming in so the monkeys can see them. Then back in the house. Bath time. Abbie first. Then Andy & Levi got hair cuts. I'll try to get pictures tomorrow. And their baths. Now time to start supper. Granny came after supper. She has been sick and has not seen them for a few days. Abbie is crying, won't have anything to do with her. This is so un-like her! Right as she was leaving it was like someone flipped a switch. She was giggling and talking to her. Then as quick as she was back to her sweet self , it was going again! I think she may have a split personality! Then it was on going until they went to sleep! Makes me wonder what happened to my sweet little monkeys!?! I want them back!
I am going to call my cousin Lori tomorrow. See if she want to do something sometimes. Levi loves her little girl Alyssa! He has not seen her in a while and he was telling Andy today that mommy's name is Melissa, baby's name is Alyssa. I am going to see if maybe she wants to go to the museum or something. It will be nice to go somewhere with her. I never get to see her! But then again I am wondering if I just need to call and get me a doctors appointment in the morning! Maybe I would feel better! I'll decide before in the morning.
Well I am heading to bed. Maybe I will get to sleep a little more tonight than I did last night!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I need help - advice - suggestions, what ever you would like to call it. What do you do with 3 year olds who LOVE to argue. About everything. You could tell them the sun was shinning and they would argue and say that it was raining. Is this a stage, just a phase that they are going through and it will pass? Or are they just that much like their Great Granny Walker? I KNOW she is enjoying this. They make me think so much of her when they do this! BUT IT HAS GOT TO STOP!!!! They are driving me crazy! Thanks!
Well Abbie is getting better. I am so glad. Things would be getting back to normal if I felt normal. I am hoping that I will in the next few days. Abbie still has the cough some during the day, but the nights have been A LOT better! I have been getting up with her maybe 1 time a night for the last couple of nights.
The weather leaves a lot to be desired. The t-storm warnings & tornado warnings are starting to get to me. We had them last night and again tonight. The forecast for the next few days does not look to good either.
Saturday the boys went with Mike riding around on dirt roads. They seemed to have had a good time. Abbie & I went in search of another bar stool. We found one. It doesn't match what we have, but they all can sit in the kitchen now and watch while I cook. I am not sure what the fascination with this is, but anyway. I can handle them being in there but when they start getting down and getting around the stove I don't do so well with that. I am so scared they are going to get burned. I guess because I did. If it is not that I am not sure what it is, but I don't want them anywhere near the stove when it is on.
I just remembered that I didn't give Abbie her allergy medicine tonight so I have to go do this in a few minutes. I have found out you can do that after they go to sleep. I have syringes from the drug store. Works really good when they are not feeling well and I don't want to wake they up.
I am planning on caring the monkeys to the part in the morning if it is nice. Abbie has been wanting to go for the last 2 days. But when it is poring rain it just doesn't make sense to go to the park!
OK - I have 2 boys that are STILL not asleep and they are going to wake Abbie if they don't quieten down!
Night everybody!