Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yesterday the monkeys and I got up and got dressed to go to town. They kept asking what was for supper, they call every meal supper. If I try to correct this they tell me that I am wrong and that it is supper, oh well. So we went to Tallapoosa and ate breakfast at Jacks. You know how when you go in there is the "old man" table. Well there were maybe 15/20 old men sitting there eating and talking. When we walked in one of them spoke up and wanted to know if the monkeys were twins or triplets. I told them they were triplets. And I think every one in the place was watching us after that. We went over to a table and the monkeys sat down and I went and got us something to eat. They ate their breakfast and we were getting ready to leave when this lady came over and told me that I had really well behaved kids. They were, I am so glad that when we go out for the most part they are really good. They have melt downs every once in a while but not to often. After we ate we went to get pull ups for the boys. We go to the Georgia Food Bank to get these. They have a store in the back of it where they sell paper goods. I have been going up there for about 2 years now. The diaper/pull ups are about 1/2 the price there that they are a WM. So if you live close to Tallapoosa and you need diaper/pull ups let me know and I will tell you more about the "diaper store". When we left there we went to WM. I had to get a shower gift and a few other things. The monkeys walked in there and they stayed with me. They did really good. This was the first time that I have let all of them walk when I was by my self with them. They got colors and coloring books for being so good. We got home and they had to color. It was the first "skinny" colors that they have had. After we got home we had company. Brent that worked with Mike stopped by. He talked "Batman" with the boys, so they liked him! The rest of the day was pretty normal other than Abbie wanting to go play in the pool. I told her she would freeze out there and we would go out when it was warmer. I don't think kids have the same thermostat that adults have. She would have gotten in that water as cool as it was, NOT ME!!!
Today has been a normal day here. Nothing really went on. They monkeys colored, put puzzles together, played with play dough and ate all day. I gave them cereal for breakfast today. This is maybe the 2nd or 3rd time they have not had a hot breakfast. They think it is a treat! I do to - I don't have to cook! But they don't want their milk on the cereal, they want dry cereal & milk in their cups. OK, works for me. They ate breakfast for about 2-1/2 or 3 hours, well it took them that long to eat and color at the same time. They had pizza for lunch, but would not eat any supper. For some reason if they eat lunch they don't eat supper. If they don't eat much for lunch they will eat supper. It would be good for the grocery bill if I didn't feel like I at least had to fix it so if they were hungry they would have it. When they get a little older, if they don't let me know I won't be fixing it then. Right now Steve's dog is glad they don't eat anymore than they do!!
I have been online today looking for cake pans for their birthday cakes. Yea, I know it is 6 months until their birthday but I had time to do it today so it is done. Normally I wait until a couple of weeks before their birthday and then I have to rush. Not this year! So I got a Batman/Superman cake pan for the boys. Andy will have Superman and Levi will have Batman. Same cake pan! The pan is from 1977! I got it for $22. They are not making Batman/Superman cake pans anymore. Abbie told me she wanted a My Little Pony cake. I only found 2 or 3 pans for this. They run around $40. Nope, sorry, not happening! So I asked her tonight if she wanted a Princess cake or a castle cake. She liked the castle cake so I am going to get the kit to make this cake. I think we will just have pink, blue & green plates, cups & napkins. Last year we had Happy Birthday with balloons on them, but I think just the solid colors this year. It is so hard to do this to where they each feel like it is their birthday. Their special day. But this is one of the many bad things, when you are a multiple. But this is why they each get a cake. So we have lots of cake when these are over.
I am starting to feel a little better today, it's about time. I am hoping that soon I will be back to normal, what ever that is!
Night all!

Monday, May 11, 2009

It has been a long few days. I am still waiting for the shot I got on Thursday to kick in. In other words I still feel like crap. But the monkeys are doing good and that is the most important thing.
Sunday was a great day! The monkeys all told me Happy Mothers Day! They also told everyone else. We went to church. Holly & I both had 3 kid there. So we tied for the flower for the mom with the most kids. She let me have it. She said since I had mine all at the same time that I could have it. She is so sweet. After church we went to granny & pops. The Walker clan was there for 2nd Sunday lunch. We had a good time.
This morning the monkeys got up wanting to get in the pool. We got them one on Sat. They got in it for a little while on Sat. But it started thundering and they had to get out. So this morning it was all I heard. We want to get in the pool. Around 2 I gave up. I knew it was going to be cold out there and they would not listen to me. So into their bathing suits they go. Into the pool they go. Abbie sat down and played. They boys were so cold they would not even sit down. But they didn't want to get out. I think they were out there for about 30 mins. before I made them get out. It was enough that they were happy and didn't give me a hard time about getting out.
Tomorrow we have got to go get more pull ups. Abbie is doing REALLY good. She has not had an accident in over a week. Andy is starting to use the potty, kind of like Abbie did to start with. So MAYBE soon!!!! I am happy that they are trying!
Well I am going to work on the header for the blog. Have a good night everyone!