Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yesterday Andy started the day. One solid melt down from 8:30 or so until lunch! Then we got swim suits on and went out to the pool. Abbie had been asking all morning to go swimming. It was about 69 degrees. But in they went! They were in there for maybe 15/20 minutes when I made them get out. They got so mad at me for making them get out! They played out side for awhile and then we went back inside... Levi's turn. His melt down lasted till around 5 or so. I think I just about got to the point of hiring a babysitter, if I could have gotten one! After supper they were fine. My aunt Becky & uncle Ronny came over and you would have never known they had been in melt down mode all day! They talked and cut up. They went to bed with no problems. I just don't under stand this. If it is a phase I hope that it is over soon!
Today they got up in good moods! They did NOT ask to get in the pool today. Maybe they will listen when I tell them it is to cold now! They helped clean up their toys. They were really good monkeys today! Lori, Jackson & Alyssa came for supper. They LOVE Alyssa! I think they did good considering they have never had that many kids here to play with. With THEIR toys. We ended up out side (not in the pool) with them playing in the yard. They had a ball. When they started to bed Abbie wanted to know if we were going to see Alyssa tomorrow. I told her not tomorrow but we would soon. She will hold me to it! The monkeys are in bed, sound asleep!
Good Night All!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Today has been one of those "fun" days! To start with no one like what I fixed for breakfast. Never mind they have had it lots of time before and never had a problem with it. Then at 10:00 this morning Abbie is wanting to get in the pool. The high today was 70. Nope not getting in the pool today. Then Abbie pees in her pants. Yea - the fun has started. The boys decided that they were going to wear under ware today and use the potty. OK this works for me. So every 5 minutes I was asking does anyone need to go to the potty. Nope. No one needs to go. Then Abbie & Andy both pee in the floor! They told me they didn't make it to the potty. They did not try! Abbie was in her room playing and Andy was watching TV. OK - everyone back in to pull ups! That was all before lunch. I wash 2 loads of their clothes. and their bed clothes. Make the beds back up and go out to clean out their pool so they can get in it tomorrow even if they have ice cubes hanging off them!!!! While I am out there Levi pulls off his pull up and poops in the living room floor! Mike was in here for that! At least I didn't have to clean it up! But while he was trying to clean it up Andy almost got in it. Both of them got in trouble with daddy! This does not happen often, but I think that was the last straw for him! In between this they have pitched several fits! So like I said tomorrow even if they get frost bite they are getting in the pool! I can't take another day like today!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Friday we went with granny to town. After we got back from town we had a birthday supper for Alan & Cheryl. Emily & Jonathan we here. The monkeys had a ball! But they were so tired that you could not stand them that night.
Saturday morning we got up and went to pick up the Angel Food that we had ordered. I think we are going to try not doing this for awhile. There is a good bit in their menu that we don't eat. So I am going to start getting all the sale papers and doing a meal plan and we will eat what is on sale. Right now the main thing that Angel Food has is chicken. We are so tired of chicken that it is unreal. Like I said we are going to try something else if we can't afford it we will go back to the Angel Food. After we got back from picking this up we all got baths and went to a shower for Jennifer L. She is getting married. I kept trying to explain this to the monkeys. They thought that we were going to get a shower when we got there. I then told them that you showered someone with gifts. Nope this didn't work either! Abbie looked at me and said PRESENTS!!! So then I had to explain to her that she would not be getting any presents. I just kept quiet after that. After we went to the shower we went to Chris's birthday party. The monkeys kept losing Chris. So I would tell Chris to stand up so they could see him. They would just crack up when he did. I am not sure why they thought that was so funny! But they did. Then we went home. Another night of ill monkeys!
This morning we got up and went to church. For the most part they do pretty good. Then we came home and that was it. I think we did enough this week end to last a few days!
Abbie is still going to the potty. Most of the time. And the boys are starting to take more interest in it. I am crossing my fingers!
Night All!