Friday, May 29, 2009

About 15 till 5 this morning we were awoke by "MAMA" and crying. Levi was sick. He had been coughing on and off all night. He was pouring out (throwing up) in his bed. So I got him up and got him cleaned up. I fixed him a bed on the love seat. Got the trash can out so if he poured out again. He did, until about 6 tonight. He has been one sick baby. He would just lay there until he got sick again. But he would call me and tell me to get the trash can. Then it would be a few minutes before he would throw up. I kept waiting for Abbie or Andy to get sick. I thought Andy was tonight. His fever was up to 99.8. But I got it down and he has been fine ever since. The highest Levi's got today was 100.3. Maybe if we make it through tonight everybody will be fine. I sure hope so!
I am going to call it a night early just in case the "fun" starts again tonight!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Today I had made up my mind we were going to get out side some. Well we did, for about an hour. The monkeys played in the sand and trucks. Levi beat Andy over the head with his shovel (plastic). Andy was getting Levi's sand. The sand is in a big pile in the yard. I still don't know how they can tell if someone gets "their" sand! Then... the bottom fell out! Back onto the carport. They rode tricycles for awhile and then we came in and they watched a movie. After supper we went back out and Abbie rode her tricycle. The boys got out in the yard chasing each other around Mike's truck. They had a ball! I know that sounds like nothing. But they don't get turned loose out in the yard to often. Most of the time it is just me out there with them and there are 3 of them. And they know how to work it. One will keep you busy and the other 2 will be gone. After this happens a couple of times you get to where you don't give them to much freedom. But I am trying, tonight was a step in the right direction.
Monday I asked the monkeys what they wanted for lunch. I was thinking pizza or butter & jelly sandwich (peanut butter). But no they want lettuce, carrots, grapes, bananas, strawberries, apples, cucumbers and mandarin oranges. That worked for me! Here are some pictures. For some reason they wanted me to make their picture while they were eating.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

OK - What have we been up to since Wed. Not to much!
It has been raining & raining & raining! The monkeys are so tired of rain! It has been so bad that they have stoped asking to go out and play, now they ask to go out on the car port!
Thursday I had a doctors appointment in Columbus. Granny was off so the monkeys got to stay with her instead of going. They were really happy with this. I got in trouble when we got do there because we didn't bring them with us for everyone to see. So I told them next time we would bring them. And I did have pictures for them to look at.
Sunday we ate lunch with the Robinson family. Abbie could not understand that they were her family. So I told her it was pops folks. She could handle that but I don't think I ever got her to understand that it was her folks to!
Today we went with granny to Heflin. Yea - big city of Heflin. We went to the salvage store, ate lunch at Harees and went to Fred's. I did get the boys some cute shirts at Fred's. And some things to carry to the beach with us later in the summer. I got to thinking I might better get them some sand buckets & things. I am not sure I would be able to find them when we are planning on going. Abbie saw the beach on TV and started asking to go. So we have put back some of the money we got back from taxes to go later this summer. I am so looking forward to going. We have not been anywhere or done anything since the summer of 2004. I am so ready to do something!
Tomorrow we are going to be here all day. Last time I looked at the weather it said rain. Surprise Surprise! But I am going to do my best to get us out even if it is between showers! We all need to be outside some! So that means everyone will be having to get a bath tomorrow night! The monkeys seem to have a wet yuck smell to them from playing out when it is damp and I can't stand it! I like the baby soap smell much better!
I have to see if I can find my ice cream freezer. I want us to make ice cream one day. We have never done that with them. So maybe we will cook on the grill tomorrow and make ice cream and eat on the porch. Sounds good, we will have to see what kind of mood everyone is in tomorrow to see if it is a go!