Friday, June 5, 2009

I would say Levi is pretty much back to normal! He has been either eating or talking all day and I mean ALL day! Before I got breakfast cooked this morning he had to have a "butter & jelly " sandwich. Then he ate breakfast. Then he wanted cereal, then crackers, then brownies, then ... Well you get the idea. I was trying to cook supper tonight and he was talking so much I could not even think. I picked up the phone and dialed granny's number and handed him the phone. He talked to her for 10 or 15 minutes, non stop! I am so glad he is feeling better, but he did not have to catch up on his talking all at one time!

Abbie is feeling better. She is still not back to normal, but getting there. She is still having really bad diapers but she has not "poured out". She ate more today than she has in several days. So I am hoping that a couple more days and she will be over it.

Andy is still my sick baby right now. He "poured out" (threw up) last night about mid-night. The monkeys call it pouring out when they throw up. He is still having really bad diapers. This morning he wanted some milk. Would not take no for an answer. So I gave him just a little. This was not a good thing. About 20 minutes later it came back up. After that he drank water and ate a couple of crackers. Maybe tomorrow the throwing up will be over with and then in another 2 or 3 days he will be back to normal.

I have never really gave them anything but milk & water to drink. This is good in some ways but bad in others. They will NOT drink Pedialyte. I think it was Levi that threw the cup at me when he first got sick and I gave him some. Nellie brought a Sprite up here for them. Nope, they will not drink it. So we are back to water & milk. Most folks don't want milk when they are sick. But I do, my mother does. Levi & Abbie did. We all do fine drinking milk when we are sick. But as I have found out not Andy. I guess he took after his daddy on that one. But no one has gotten dehydrated so I guess we are doing OK.

I told Mike I sure would be glad when things got back to normal around here and he laughed at me. I told him that I meant normal for us. Normal for us it not normal for most folks. But I am missing it. My babies have never really been sick until now. I deal with it and do what has to be done but I really don't handle it very well on the inside. I am so thankful that they are healthy, for the most part.

Mikes mom called this afternoon and told us she had heard that Tommy Ledbetter had been in a bad wreck. He went to school with Mike and they are close now. Tommy does not live close by, but him & Mike have a 2 to 3 hour phone call a couple of times a month. Mike got on the phone to see if he could find out anything. No one he called knew. So I called UAB. He is in ICU with broke ribs, broke shoulder, bruised lungs & brain injuries. (I think that is right) This is so hard to deal with for Mike & me. Tommy is a really good guy. He is a Methodist pastor. He would do anything that he could to help anyone. It is just so hard to believe. Please remember Tommy & his family in your prayers.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Levi is so much better today! He has been eating anything that he can get his hands on! And talking. He has asked so many questions today. Mike has been calling him a little radio today.
Abbie is better, but still has a way to go. She will play for awhile but mostly just sits around.
Andy is not doing to good. He has just laid around all day. I think he ate a few crackers today and that was it. I hope he feels better tomorrow.
BUT I can see that there is light at the end of this tunnel! I am shooting for Tuesday of next week everyone being back to normal. The fighting, bickering, crying, playing and yelling (me - because they are fighting, bickering & crying.).
This is where they have been for the last few days. Camped out in my living room! BUT tonight I reclaimed the living room. It is no longer a bed room!

This is how it has looked for the last few days! I knew keeping those baby bed mattresses would come in handy.

This is how it looks right now. Everyone is in their own bed. I got the carpet cleaned tonight. It was really ruff - lots of puking and pooping been going on in here for the last few days! I figured up that we have used around 200+ diapers since Friday morning. That is about 10 diapers a day for each of them. But it was just Levi for the first 3-1/2 days. That is a lot of diapers!

This is Miss Abbie in her bed tonight.
This is my sick baby Andy. I sure hope he is feeling better tomorrow.

This is mister Levi. They had to have blankets to cover up on the couch today. I give them the ones that my aunt Charlotte had made them when they were babies. Levi had to carry his to bed with him. He thought it was something that this was his blanket when he was a baby.

My sweet monkeys - I sure hope that ya'll sleep this good all night and feel better tomorrow!
Night all!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Abbie is feeling better tonight. She has ate about 8 crackers today and drank lots of water. Granny brought her "make-up" tonight. If you look close you can see her make-up.
Andy & Levi sitting on the couch together tonight. Levi is so skinny after being so sick. But he is feeling better! Now if I can get him to eat something! I am so glad he is better!!!
I am hoping that Andy does not get this!

Well Abbie has it now. Last night about mid night I had to give her a bath and strip her bed. I got her settled in the living room on one of the mattresses from their baby beds. I am so glad I kept these! Then I spent the rest of the night washing bedding and towels and bath cloths. I had not realized we had gone through so many towels & bath cloths until I needed some for her. One good thing is she can/will go to the potty so I am not having to change her diaper. She has been somewhere around 10 times since last night and she made it to the potty all but 2 times. I am STILL changing Levi's diapers. He has used almost 30 diapers since lunch Sat.
Oh well another fun day! And Andy has not got this yet so I still have that to look forward to!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Levi and I went to the ER this morning. After being sick since early Friday morning, we had both got to our breaking point. He has an intestinal virus. I think this is the same thing as the stomach flu. They said he was not dehydrated, which was what I had been the most worried about. But he has lost 6 lbs in the last 2 days. They gave him something for nausea so that he could eat and told me to let the diarrhea run its course. This is also getting old to both of us! Tonight we had to go to the funeral home and my mom & dad stayed with the monkeys. Levi cried for me until he went to sleep. Poor baby! We hurried back and he was sound asleep. He had got so tied and just went and got in his bed and gone to sleep. Anyone who knows these 3 will tell you Levi is the lest likely of the 3 to do that!
Saturday my mom came and got Abbie & Andy for the day. I am not sure if she was feeling sorry for me or them. But they had a blast! Levi got so rest while they were gone and I got some clothes washed. I think most of the day tomorrow will be take with washing clothes also!
I am going to get them out side some tomorrow. Daddy brought me a roll of paper and we are going to finger pain on the carport tomorrow! This should be fun (HA HA). But I think it will do them all some good to get out tomorrow. I think I am going to open some windows and spray everything down with Lysol while they are out side. Maybe stop this "stuff" from spreading to everyone, if it is not to late.
I think I am going to call it a night!