Saturday, June 13, 2009

I have been working to clean out the extra bedroom for Abbie to move in there. EVERYTHING and I mean everything that I move out of there I hear... Whats that? Is that mine? Let me see! I want that! I had to quit or go crazy after awhile today. They are looking forward to each having their own room. I hope they like them good enough to keep them half way picked up when I get them finished!
Here are the monkeys piled up on pops the other night!
The boys got hair cuts tonight. SHORT! Its so much easier to wash their hair like this! They hate it when I was their hair. They are so ticklish on their heads. You almost have to chase them in the bath to do it! Once again Abbie was made because I didn't cut hers like the boys. Andy seemed to really like his hair cut, he kept looking into anything he could see his self in. Abbie liked to rub their heads. They kept trying to get away from her! Levi was being a clown!
I am hoping to get Abbie's room finished in the next couple of weeks! I'll post pictures when I do! Then I get to start on Levi's!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

3 - 3 year olds!

Today I have found out first hand that you can not make 3 - 3 year olds happy! Nothing I have done today has been right, And to top that one off they have made sure to tell me about everything that I have done wrong, VERY loudly! Needless to say it has been a long day! I did escape and go to the grocery. But I had to come back. From what I was told when I got back they didn't cut Mike any slack while I was gone. This is all coming from being spoiled while sick... Well they are better, so we get back to normal! I hope that with in the week we are there. Please let it be sooner!
Like I said I had to go to the grocery. They wanted to get in the pool so I told them when I got back they could. Well, when I got back it was storming and they did not get to. Tonight about 6:00 they decided that it was a good time to get in the pool. OK But you have to clean up the living room. They cleaned up the living room, but when I went into their rooms this is what I found! It's their room, I try to pick my battles. If I can see the floor in the living room I am happy! I told them that after the rain we had the water was going to be cold and they were going to freeze. They didn't care, into the water they went. They were cold but they played for about an hour. I am hoping this will make them sleepy & tired and want to go to bed soon!
Now they are having goldfish & water and soon BED TIME! YEA!! Maybe tomorrow they will be in a better mood! Yea right...

All Well!

The monkeys are for the most part all better! They still don't have their energy level built back up - but I can handle that for a while. Mine has not been built back up since the bed rest before they were born!
Yesterday we all got into the pool. And by all I mean all 5 of us. The monkeys and I were in it to start with. I got them water guns to play with and we had them in the pool. Mike came out after he got up and we soaked him so he got in with us! We had a blast. They are so funny! Becky, Nicole, Katie, Reese & Kaleb came and I got out to see them. Then Momma & Emily came and I started getting them all out. But they were in there for a couple of hours. Abbie is going to be so brown! The boys are like me and it would take some work for them to be tan. They do have a "farmers" tan now so it is possible!
Today they are playing with play dough. This is the first time in a while they have even done that.
We went outside on Tuesday and only stayed out for about 30 minutes. Did you know there are bugs outside? We had to come back in because there were bugs out there. They have never bothered them before but now they do.
Speaking of bugs. For the last 2 nights Abbie has had a fit that bugs were going to get into her room. I have told her that there are no bugs in her room and she informed me that they were not there yet, that they were coming! So I told her I would be in the living room and I would stop them before they got to her room! About 10 minutes after I told her this she called me back into her room and asked "Are they here yet?" No Abbie - NO bugs! About a week ago she found an ant in her room. This is they only thing I can think of as to why she is on the subject of bugs!
OK - Abbie and Andy want to see the beach so I am going to be looking for a beach web cam now!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The monkeys are much better! Right now Andy has some ruff diapers and they all still get really tired in the afternoons. So I know they have not built back up to where they were but they are on their way! Tomorrow it is going to be pretty out side so I think we are going to be out side most of the day! I am looking forward to this! They are too!

Mike and I went to see Tommy Ledbetter today. The doctors told them that after today the swelling in his brain should start going down. Then they can give them a better idea of what is going on. But Gay was telling us that he had been responding to their voices. They have tubes down his throat, this seems to be making him mad. All of these things are good signs! The doctors didn't think he would be doing any of these things this soon. Please remember Tommy, Gay, Kerry and the rest of their family in your prayers!

I am going to be working on getting everything out of the extra bedroom to get this cleaned up and ready for Abbie to move in there. We have got to do something. Andy has got to where he will tell Levi that their room is his room and not let him come in. Levi will cry and tell me that he wants a room like Andy has. I try to tell him that Andy's room is his room. But we do have an extra bedroom so we are thinking the best thing to do is just give each of them their own room. This would have to be done sooner or late so I guess now is as good a time as any. Maybe this will help with bed time when they want to play and don't go to sleep until late! I sure hope so! I will post pictures as I get the rooms done. I am kind of looking forward to having something creative to do. Well, a little creative, I want to make the rooms fun for them. Speaking of which, Does anyone have a chalk board wall? Is this easy to do or more trouble than it is worth? I am thinking about doing this, but I am just not sure. Abbie's room is going to have butterfly's. I am thinking a yellow or maybe a pale orange color. I am waiting for her comforter to get her to decide. Maybe it will be her next week. I am not sure about Levi & Andy's. I know the walls are going to be white with one wall in Levi's room green and one wall in Andy's room blue. Andy's bunk bed is white. Levi's is red. So I am thinking red, blue, yellow & green. Maybe do circles, squares & triangles on the walls. Then just add all their junk (toys). What do ya think? No real theme in there for them to decide in a week that they don't like. Now I need a twin & full size bedspread in green and a twin & full size in blue. Or at least red, yellow, blue or green. I am not sure where I will find these. But I am looking. Maybe the dollar store will have them. I am going to get shades for their windows. For some reason they think they can climb blinds and they don't fair well in their rooms. But I have to get Abbie's done first and then I will go from there.
I think I am going to head to bed now. Night!