Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Granny!

To day is my mom's birthday! Happy Birthday - We Love you!

Stuffed Animals


This is NOT all of them, just what I gathered up in a few minutes. There is no where to put them. They are only 3 years old how did they get so many of these things?!? The problem now is I want to get rid of some of them and they pitch a fit. And sure as I get rid of some of them those will be the ones they want to play with!!!
I am thinking a late night bonfire!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Company for Supper (Someone to talk to over the age of 3)

Tonight Lori, Jackson & Alyssa cane to supper. This might not seem like anything major to most folks but I go to talk to some one over the age of 3 tonight. Well Mike is here most nights. But the monkeys know how to push his buttons. On top of that he is not much of a talker when you sit down to eat. He wants to eat, not talk. I like to talk. I find myself talking to the monkeys a lot of days. So it was a nice change. After supper we went out and let the kids play outside for awhile. Even though it was still HOT outside. For some reason Jackson thinks it is something to get to play out in the fenced in area of our yard. But they all seemed to have a good time. The monkeys were give out tonight but I bet I get to hear when will we see Jackson & Alyssa again in the morning! Granny & Pops came to see the monkeys tonight also. I was surprised, granny was supposed to have been at work, but she got off early.
This morning Kerry and the girls came. Kerry has quads. 4 little girls. I am not sure which would be the hardest to deal with, 2 boys into EVERYTHING or 4 little girls to get ready to go somewhere! It takes me twice as long to get Abbie ready to go some where as it does both of the boys! Abbie wanted one of the girls to stay with us. Maybe she is getting to where she likes babies. Normally she just acts like they are not there. Kerry is getting our choo choo wagon. I am going to miss it. It is the last "stroller" for lack of a better word, that we have. I guess that means they are not babies anymore. Well they are to me!
Speaking of the quads. About a mile or so down the road from us there is a set of twins. We have triplets. And Kerry lives about a mile or so up the road with quads. My father in law said if he lived up the road from Kerry about a mile he would be moving! That means quints (5 babies) will be next. That would make most folks move - but I don't think most of the folks up the road know this.
As you have seen the pictures, Abbie's room is finished! YEA!!! Now I have to get started on Levi's. I am going to get in there Monday when I get a chance. It is so hard to do this and keep up with what they are getting in to. But I have got to do it before the boys trash Abbie's room. They stay in there most of the time. I am not sure why they find her room so fascinating. But that is where they stay now. She loves her room. But I think it is pretty cute even if I did it myself!
I just checked the CB site for Tommy Ledbetter. I have got to add this.
"Progress Flash!!!!!!!!!!!Tommy is spelling!!! Gay just called me. He is able to spell. The doctors let Gay stay with Tommy for an hour this afternoon. He wrote, "it's not so bad." She was unable to make out the rest but oh, my. Please continue to pray for our dear Tommy."
This is the best news! Tommy is doing so much better than the doctors expected. He is breathing on his own for a large part of the time! Please check out the CB site for Tommy and keep on praying for him & his family!
OK - got to go get clothes out for church tomorrow and then to bed!