Thursday, July 2, 2009

Long Week

A long and hot week. But it seems to be getting a little better. We have not really done anything this week. Went swimming up at granny & pops one day. Other than that we have just hung around here.
Today after much encouragement, Mike carried all the monkeys outside with him. It was only for a few minutes. I was out there soon! But they went to swap out some water hose. Well for some reason Mike turned the water on. From what I was hearing from the carport Mike may have almost got wet. I didn't get up and look. I was laughing and I don't think that would have been a good thing if he had seen me. They love to get out like that but Mike is so afraid he is going to "loose" one of them he never goes out with them by his self! Time he was learning!
Anyway he was going to cut the grass and I wanted to get the carport cleaned off so we were going to be outside for awhile. The monkeys wanted their tricycles and sidewalk chalk and they were set. They rode and drew on the carport while I cleaned it off. They had a really good time. They can fly on those tricycles out there. You had better not get in their way or they WILL run over you. Take my word for it!
They are still having several "accidents" a day. But it seems to be getting better. Some days they may have one, then some days they may have 3 or 4. BUT it is better than pull-ups! They are still in pull-ups at night. I really don't want to wash sheets everyday. But this is progress!!! YEA!!!!
So everyone is using the potty so I carried one outside with us today. Key word - ONE. Abbie was on the potty and Levi needed to go. So I told him to pee off the carport. He had tried this yesterday and pulled his undies down but didn't pull his shirt up. So the front of his shirt was covered in pee. Well today he is not going to do this again. his undies are around his ankles and he has his shirt under his chin going to pee off the carport. So he is standing there trying to pee. Well he must have been confused... He pooped on the carport! He just looked at me and grinned. But I think it sort of took him by surprise, it did me! Like I have said before - I am not going to teach them they can stand up and pee in the house. I have this vision of them in my head. They are in the middle of my dinning room table turning round and round, peeing! Nope I don't want to go there!
Night All!