Friday, July 31, 2009

Sugar High!

Do the words Sugar High mean anything to you? They now do to me! Today we went to a consignment sale. We went by WM to pick up some things that we needed. The monkeys wanted cookies. Levi wanted sugar cookies with M&M's in them. Andy wanted sugar cookies with blue icing. Abbie didn't care. So we get home and they get a sandwich and a cookie. That is 3 cookies.
They got finished with lunch and started playing. I was putting away their clothes, not gone 5 minutes, when I got back this is what I found.
Out of 24 cookies They have 3 with lunch,That should leave 21 cookies. When I go back in there there are 12 cookies left. That is 9 cookies they ate when I turned my back. 12 cookies in all. That is 4 sugar ridden cookies for each monkey! They can't be still! Into EVERYTHING! I didn't eat the cookies - I can't keep up! This is the flowers that sits on my dinning room table. It is a watering can with sunflowers in it. See the spout on the can? Well I finished supper and got up to start cleaning up the kitchen and they spit milk into the spout. When I was moving it back to the table after supper I knocked it over and milk came out. If not for that I would have had a bad smell in a few days and not had any idea where it was coming from.

They have also been playing with the lego. But didn't bother to put them away. When I told them to clean it up they told me to "just throw them away". I should!

They have clothes baskets in Abbie & Levi's room. They have a net in them to hold the clothes. For some reason the net comes out. I found them a few minutes ago with the nets over their heads being "moonsters". I told them that those "moonsters" had best put those nets back up before I was a "moonster"!

They have fought, hollered, rolled in the floor. They have been WILD for the last 4 or 5 hours! But Thank God, I think they are crashing! It is quite in here for the first time all after noon!!!!

Andy's legs are looking a lot better! The one on his foot is the worst. So he can't wear shoes. This makes it hard to carry him anywhere. I have been putting a band aid over it and letting him wear flip flops. But tonight we decided that he won't be needing the band aid anymore the part the shoe would be touching is well.

Tomorrow is founders day in Bowdon. I had planned to go to the parade and go back for the fireworks tomorrow night. But in the middle of all that went on this afternoon I told them we were not going! To bad I want out of here as bad as they do! To get to walk around and talk to adults! Yea, I'm going! I could leave them with Mike and go by myself! Nope - I would never get Mike to go for that! He can just go with us!

Have a good one!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our Weekend

The monkeys spent Friday night and most of Saturday with granny & pops. They played in the pool, rode their tricycles and had a ball! They are always so tired & ill when they get back!

Granny cough the boys peeing off the front porch! Better than changing diapers or cleaning up the floor! They are all doing really good with going to the potty! We are now using the "big" pottys! Yea! Now if they would not drown the bathroom when they wash their hands we will be doing good!
But it gave Mike & me a chance to have a "date" night. We ate supper and got out and rode around like we did BB (before babies) and talked. Seems like we never get to just talk with out getting input from 3 little mouths! Mike had to work Saturday so I got to clean house without the normal "help" that I have. It was so nice to have a clean house for a few hours! When the monkeys got home - no more clean house.

I am not sure if I left my bedroom door open or if they got the door open but they were playing on my treadmill. Levi climbed up it and turned it on. I did not know they knew how to do this. But while Levi was up there turning it on, Andy was on it watching him. This was not a good thing! Andy has scrapes & "burns" on his arms & legs. He is not really a happy camper right now. But both Andy & Levi have told me they don't like my treadmill and they don't want to get on it again! So MAYBE from now on if I tell them something will hurt them they will listen. MAYBE?!? If you have kids and a treadmill make sure they can't get to it!
My poor baby! I know it hurts.
Abbie & daddy went to church this morning. Levi stayed home with Andy & me.
A few days ago I walked into Abbie's room and the boys were in there with her playing with her jewelry! Mike has not seen these, I don't think he would like it!
Got to fix lunch! Monkeys are going wild!