Monday, August 17, 2009

All better - I hope!

Levi slept until 10:30 or so this morning. He has been fine... mean as ever today. I am hoping that last night was just one of those things. But Abbie went to bed around 7:00 tonight. This was early, even for her. So I am going to keep a check on her. Well on all of them for that matter. Once again Mike is at work tonight so it is just me. It seems like the only time something happens is when he is at work. I don't sleep good when I am the only one here with them and this on top of it, well lets just say it is going to be another long night.

Mike cooked tonight... pizza from the store down the road. But the monkeys say daddy cooks when he goes after pizza. Those 3 can eat some pizza. Abbie ate 3 slices and what Andy had left over. Andy & Levi ate most of 2 slices. I can't eat 2 slices. I don't eat anywhere near as much as they do, looks like I could loose some weight. Oh well.

The monkeys are supposed to be in bed. I think Abbie is the only one right now. That means I have got to get on to the boys. I was hoping they would all be asleep by now... Oh well!

Today is my Aunt Annice's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT ANNICE!!! We Love You!

Long Night!

I went to bed around midnight last night. Levi woke me up around 1. When I got in there he was sound asleep so I went back to bed. Around 3 he woke me up again. He had a fever of 102.8. It went up to 103.7 before I got it to go down. So I got to lay back down this morning around 6:30. I am not sure why it went up like that. He told me nothing was hurting so I don't think it would be an ear infection. I think I am going to watch him today and if it goes up again we will go to the doctor them. I talked to my mom this morning and she told me that when I was little I would do that and she never found out why. Levi is still asleep so I am hoping that is a good sign.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Not a lot has been going on lately. I had a birthday a few days ago. The monkeys were so cute. I told them it was my birthday and I was told that it was not my birthday. I didn't have a birthday cake so it could not be my birthday. I sure wish I had of know 10 years ago that all I had to do to stop the aging process was not to have a cake! They keep asking when their birthday is. They still don't get the fact that their birthdays are all on the same day.

The monkeys have learned the word twins. Andy thinks it means 3. I have tried to explain to him that twins = 2 and that triplets = 3. I have told them they are triplets and that there are 3 of them. This is where they loose interest and leave me standing there.

I got some t-shirts for the monkeys the other day. I looked on line for something to put on them. I finally decided to put THIS ONE, THAT ONE and THE OTHER ONE on them. They loved them but did not like it because I put their "names" on the back and not the front. AbbieLeviAndyWell I think I am going to head to bed now. It has been a long night, I stepped on a needle and stuck the eye end about an inch into my foot. When I did this for some reason I grabbed my foot behind me and did something to my hand. So now my foot & hand are hurting.