Monday, August 31, 2009

It's been awhile - sorry

There really has not been that much going on. Just the normal fighting, fussing and whining. Sometimes the monkeys join in with Mike & me! Just kidding, kind of.
Speaking of whining, it seems like this is their new favorite thing to do. They have figured out that this REALLY REALLY gets to me. So they are off and running with it! It gets better when we are not at home or when someone is here. I have been told LOTS of things get better when they turn 4... PLEASE!!!!

I just went and put the mattress back on Levi's bed. I was told I was not nice and they thought it had been a good idea. The other good idea they have had lately is to strip the sheets off the bed and tie they to the upper bunk and make a curtain for a talent show. I am not sure where they even heard of a talent show, but they have them almost everyday. So that means I have to put all the sheets back on the beds before they go to bed every night. Here are a few pictures of them getting ready for a talent show.Mike's birthday was Saturday! I made him a "hamburger" cake. If there ever was a more appropriate cake for him I have not seen it. We had hamburgers and "hamburger" cake for supper for his birthday!

I will try to do better and not be so long next time!