Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The last few days...

Lets see where to start. Saturday the monkeys and I were out side. They were playing in the sand and riding the tricycles and such. I decided while we were out there I was going to clean out the flower bed. Levi walked around there with me and we were getting all the old flowers out. Levi looks at me and says "Whats dat mama?". I looked down and there was a snake about a foot from his feet. I wanted to scream but I held it in and calmly said "That is a snake Levi, go to the carport". He said OK and walked off. I then followed him. I called Doug (father-in-law) to come see what kind of snake it was. When he got here it was gone so he didn't get to see it but said it was more than likely a copper head. But Levi and I have been looking a snakes on line and we don't think it was. I sure hope it wasn't.
Sunday morning we were going to church. BUT for the first time everyone slept until 10:00!!!!! YEA!!!! For the first time in about 4 years I got to sleep late! It was wonderful. So we didn't make it to church. We ate breakfast and went to Lowes to get flowers for the flower bed.

Monday I got the flowers planted - didn't see the snake! The monkeys played out side for most of the day.
Today I had to go to the dentist. Then were had fish, shrimp, hush puppies and french fries for supper. Abbie loves "trimp"! Then I was cleaning up and the monkeys were running around playing in the living room. Abbie came running across the room and dived into the recliner. Some how she hit the corner of the table between the recliners and had a bad cut right beside her eye. So we called granny and slung on clothes and off to the ER. She got 3 stitches. So she has had stitches twice. Andy has had a broke arm. Levi has made it so far with no injuries requiring stitches or a cast! Here are a couple of pictures of Abbie with her stitches. I don't think I have a picture of the first ones she had. I don't think I wanted any reminders of it, the first time one of the monkeys really got hurt.

Good Night All!