Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Monkeys are now 4!

Well the monkeys are now 4! I just does not seem right. My babies can not be 4 years old already! But they are! They had a ball! We got up the day of their birthday and had breakfast. Orange danishes! Yuck! But that is what they wanted. They we got dressed and went to Carrollton. We went to Air Jump USA. Or as Abbie calls it the "soft slide" place. When we left there we went to McD's. They ate and played on the play ground. Oh and before we left to go to Carrollton Mike and I gave them their birthday presents. Andy & Levi got their "bat castles" and Abbie got her Princess castle. But it is not the one she wanted. She wanted one with an elevator. But she did not bother to tell any body that. So she didn't get it. It really made me feel so bad. The boys got just what they wanted, but she didn't. But they had a great day.

We had their birthday party Sunday. Here is Andy's cake.Here is Levi's cake.
Here is Abbie's cake. This is not the cake she started out with. She had a princess cake to start with. But I had to draw the face with icing. It looked like something possessed! I decided that it was not going to work. I got all the cake pans out that I have acquired over the years and told her to pick out the one that she wanted. So Buggs Bunny it was!Here is the cake she started out with. It looked good until I got to the eyes! No more birthday cakes with faces like this! I like face plates!I have told every one that Abbie likes My Little Pony and the boys like Batman. Here are a couple of pictures.
This is some of Abbie's My Little Pony's. She loves these things!There are 2 drawers that I keep the boys Batmen, Spider men and Supermen among other things. This is not including the ones they took to bed with them or the ones in the living room or the ones in the van or the ones that go with their bat castles. See we need some more of these things!

Tues I decided that we would go let Abbie get the castle with the elevator if she wanted it. They had birthday money and it was their money so why not. Well we got up there and they didn't have what she wanted. The boys got a couple of new Batmen each, you know since we don't have any here. But Abbie was pissed. She would not even look at anything else. So we went to another store to see if they had it. Nope. I got her to look at some other things, but she would not have any of them. Then I say the vtech V.Smile things. She liked the idea of this. They ended up getting one each. The boys each got a game. Abbie got 2 games. They love these things! It was 10:45 before I got them in the bed last night! Abbie was up at 6:30 this morning. Not good. Then she wanted me to come help her play her game... at 6:30AM! Nope not happening. I get up when they are sick, have bad dreams, want something to drink, need to go to the bath room, etc. BUT I AM NOT GETTING UP TO PLAY A GAME!!!!! Sorry Abbie. But then she starts down the hall to her room and started bellowing (this is what she does when she does not get her way!) at the top of her lungs right out side the boys room. So everybody is up by 6:45 AM! This is not good! But tonight I got the sliver lining! They were all asleep by 9:00 tonight! YEA!!! To bad they don't do that every night.
I have got our trees up in the house. There are 2 in Andy & Levi's room. 1 in Abbie's room. 1 in my bedroom. 1 in the duck bathroom. 1 in the dinning room and 2 in the living room. This is the first year I have been able to decorate since the monkeys were born! Well I could and they could un-decorate for me. I have all this Christmas decorations that I have acquired for the last 20 years. So there is still a lot of it that I am not using! Tomorrow I am going to work on the front porch and see if I can get it done. We have a big Santa and Snow Man that sit on the porch. Andy & Levi can't stand that they are on the porch. Every chance they get they bring them in the house! They would have them in the bed with them if they could get away with it!.
Anyway this is one of the trees in the living room. I like white light and everything matching!Well the monkeys like colored light and all sorts of stuff on the tree, nothing matching! So their tree is beside the fire place on the other side of the living room. If you look really close you will see there are several picture holder on the tree. And no I have not got pictures in them. I am working on it. Maybe by the time to put the trees up I will have it done.
Well I am ready to go to bed not so that is all for now! NIGHT!