Friday, December 31, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

OK Let me start by saying I uploaded the pictures backwards. So I will start with now and go back to before Christmas. I am kind of tired today. Abbie ran a fever all night last nigh and I was up with her most of the night. Now Abbie and Levi are running fevers. I am really feeling crappy so I took mine a few mins ago, it was 99.9. NOT GOOD! I can not be sick at the same time they are! I don't think I can handle that! But thinking back this is a first. I have not really been sick but 1 time since they were born. Well other than sinus infections and that sort of thing. So I guess I can't complain to much.

I just took Andy's temperature it is 100.7. So it is official, we all have it. And it is viral or Andy's antibiotics are not working!
Mister Andrew, He has had an ear infection for 2 1/2 weeks now. Got to go back to the doctor after this round of antibiotics and see if it is better then.
Mister Levi - Not really sure what is wrong with him. Just running a fever and feeling crappy.
Miss Abigail - I think she is feeling the worse of all of us. She did not sleep much last night (there fore I did not sleep much). Her fever has been anywhere from 100.4 to 103.7. Judging from today, tonight might be even more fun.
Anyway, I sure hope the monkeys are feeling better soon. School starts back Tuesday and they have really been missing it!
I think the monkeys are set for the night.
That leaves me with... the couch!

When I carried Andy back to the doctor Wednesday we went by WM to check out the clearance stuff. We ended up getting 3 bath sets for them to play with. They had a ball with this mess. I have never got any of this mess because of the mess it makes. But I gave in, once.
Miss Abbie playing with her pink soap and stuff.
Foam soap all over her head. I wash her hair with tear free shampoo and she will scream like something dying if it gets near her eyes. Never heard a peep about this stuff.
Levi & Andy, These 2 really had a good time! They were in there for 45 mins at least. I had to make them get out after I got tired of adding hot water.
Andy got a fishing rod thing. Levi got a basketball goal. They are laying in the water and shooting hoops. I was funny!
We had Christmas at Mikes folks house Tuesday night. The monkeys got Zoo Zoo (not sure about the spelling of that) pets. They had a ball playing with those things!
Abbie and I think a bunny rabbit. Mike in the back ground with his news paper. Over the years he has turned me against a news paper! Around here there are only 4 or 5 pages to a paper. More than likely 2 of those are going to be Piggly Wiggly advertising. But Mike will set down with one of these papers and read everything in it. More than once I think or he is a very slow reader (I know he is not) or he is just avoiding us! Yep I think the last one is correct!
Cindy - Mikes sister, Mike in the back ground, he did put the paper down.
Holly and Mickey, not sure what Holly is talking about. But her hands are going!
Stevie Wayne - Mikes brother
Monkey boys! Mike was having trouble telling them apart until he saw Levi had on boots and Andy had on tennis shoes. I told him they had on different shirts and he told be "But they are both red". OK I think he is as brain dead as I am!
Doug - Paw Paw

We got snow Christmas Day. At least 4 inches. The monkeys loved it, me not so much. I love to watch it snowing, but I like it when it is gone by dark, does not stick to the road and most of all the power does not go off. Well the power did not go off, I guess I need to look at the bright side of things! I had to carry Andy to the Doctor Wednesday after this snow on Saturday, Christmas Day, There was still ice on the roads in places around here. Once you got about 2 or 3 miles away from here there was not much snow and I did not see any ice.
Andy & Levi - Andy was making a snow angel.
Levi making a snow angel.
Abbie making a snow angel. It is cute but why would you want to lay down in that cold stuff!
This is the pipe line in your yard. Yea, it is pretty I know.
My cedar tree in the front yard. It was pretty, but I was afraid some of the limbs were going to break off.
Levi just got Mike right in the face with a snow ball! Oops!

We had Christmas with my family here Christmas night.
Emily was in Abbie's cardboard house. I think I scared her with the camera!
Cheryl, Jonathan & Daddy (Pops)
Mama - Granny
Uncle Alan playing with Abbie
Pops with his new tag for the golf cart. SPEED DEMON! Yea, there is a story behind this. On the way to school one morning Abbie asked me if that was as fast as I could go. Pop's golf cart went faster than what I was going. So I told him he needed to slow that speed demon of a golf cart down!
Road in front of our house. Yep, ice on the road. Good thing every one who came to our house for Christmas was in 4 wheel drives!

"Bufessor" did not like the snow! He would walk in it and spend the next 10 mins shaking his paws!
Christmas Morning!
Santa has been!
Plastic Man! Santa had a hard time finding him!
Yea, Santa had to find 2 Plastic Men! Double hard to find!
Playing with our loot!

Christmas Morning before the monkeys got up!

We were home all day on Christmas Eve. We made cookies!
We painted orniments for the tree.
We had a really good time! No where to go, I don't think we even got out of our pj's all day!

These are a few pictures from the monkey's Christmas play. They did so good! Abbie was a grandchild. Levi was an inn keeper. And Andy was a king. They had a really good time! The Sunday after their play Abbie got up in church and sang Away In A Manger with some other kids! She did so good!

Abbie and Uncle Alan
Abbie & Andy
Levi, Andy & Abbie

We had a good Christmas and this past year has been good! We have faith that God will see us through 2011!

Right now it is 7:30, 4 1/2 hours until 2011 so an early HAPPY NEW YEAR!