Saturday, January 23, 2010

January - It has been a difficult month!

And it is still not over!

Where to start...

I carried all 3 of the monkeys back to the doctor. Andy & Levi still had ear infections. So they got more medicine. They have to go back next week to make sure it is gone!
Levi has to go Wednesday to get his heart checked out. But at least we just have to go to Villa Rica now and not Newnan. That is a good bit closer to home.

Last night and tonight the boys went to bed like normal. I always go check on they several times to make sure they are not up playing and that they are going to sleep. They get to watch a movie or Sprout before they go to sleep. Well, I went in there last night to check on them... They were in the bathroom, soaking wet, telling each other "Shhhhh, momma hear us!" Well I got on to them, dried everything up and got them back in the bed. I also told them that if they did it again it was not going to be good. Well... I went in there to check on them again tonight. "Shhhhh..." They were soaked head to toe. The bathroom was soaked, the walls, doors, everything! Needless to say they got in A LOT of trouble tonight. They can no longer use the frog bathroom. They have to use Abbie's bathroom until... But I know this will not last to long because Abbie hates having to share bathrooms with the boys. When they do get to use their bathroom again the water WILL be cut off at the sink until... well I have not decided that yet. Oh and NO TV!!! That was what really tore them up! Also NO TV tomorrow night. One good thing - I now know that the TV at bed time is what really gets them. That will be useful in the future!

We went to Alyssa's birthday party today. The monkeys had the best time. It is hard to believe she is 2!The boys were their normal selves... fighting!Abbie was having a bad day... Alex was trying to cheer her up! How sweet!Here is the Birthday Girl! She is so cute!Alyssa & Alex hugging! They are so sweet!Happy Birthday Alyssa!!!

Poor baby was give out!

Oh and I almost forgot... If you read this blog often you will remember in the past that every time the boys get a hair cut they seem to go wild for a while. Well I gave them a hair cut yesterday - so maybe this explains the last 2 nights!

OK - I am heading to bed - Mike & are going to go out to eat tomorrow. And NOT at McD's. And NOT a hamburger! I don't remember the last time we did this. Granny & pops are going to keep the monkeys! YAYYYYYY!!!!!!

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