Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Levi's Click

Carried Levi to Sibley Heart Center today to get his heart checked out. When we got there they hooked him up to all these wire and got a print out of his heart rhythm, blood pressure, blood pressure in his foot, then we got to see another nurse. She wanted to know why I had made the appointment. So I told her that I had gave them the referral when we got there. Oh, OK. I also told her that they had seen him before. Oh, OK. So she got to really looking at his file then. Then she looked at me and said OK the doctor will be right in. The doctor came in then and talked a little bit, then she started listening to his heart. Then she listened some more. Then she looked at me and said I think we need to do an ultrasound. This kind of scared me. Asked if she heard the click that his doctor was hearing. Yes, She did. So then we go to another room and had an ultrasound of his heart done. Then the doctor came back in and looked at the results of the ultrasound. Everything is normal. Looks good. So what about the clicking?!? She says "It is normal for Levi." So Levi has a clicking heart... That is normal. Well I feel much better that there is nothing wrong. It still sounds funny to me that a click is normal. I just looked at the paper they gave me, it says DIAGNOSIS: Click - Normal for Levi. So I guess Levi just has his own "click"!
They were super nice! Levi was the only patient there. He had 2 nurses, an ultrasound tech. and a doctor all for him. We were there for about an hour & and half. The only problem Levi had was they did not have any Batman stickers! So when we left we went in search of Batman!
Night All!

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