Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monkeys Pictures

Here are some of my favorite photos of my monkeys.
Here is Levi & Andy. You can tell they look just alike here! This is Andy, the first time he was ever in his swing. Abbie was "talking" to the frog!
Princess Abbie - Check out all the hair!

This is Andy looking at his daddy!
Here is my princess!
All 3 monkeys! Still can't tell Andy & Levi apart!

Levi - He still does not like clothes. First thing he does when we get home is strip!

Andy sitting in his frog chair.

Another one of my princess!

Do you see why we had a hard time telling Andy & Levi apart?!?

All 2 monkeys! They loved playing in clothes baskets!
My monkey boys!
And another one of princess Abbie!

Tomorrow I have to carry Levi to get checked out. I really don't think it is going to be a big deal... but I am really dreading it. The "what if" part is why I am dreading it so bad. I have been talking to him about the things they are going to do. So maybe he will not freak out on me!
While we are out & about I have got to get Abbie a new curtain rod. The boys pulled hers down and broke it last night. They have been into everything the last few days!
Today we went to Carrollton with granny. She had an appointment and for some reason I told her we would go with her. Note to self... NEVER volunteer to go sit in a doctors office with 3 4 year olds unless it is life & death!
When we left Carrollton we went by and saw Nicole's new house. I love it! Especially the toy/play room in the basement! That would have to be my favorite room in the house. Katie's "green" room would be a close second!
OK Time to head to bed! Night All!

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