Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow - YUCK!

It has been another long few days. I was up with Andy all night Sunday night. He ran a fever going up to 104.9 at it's highest! I called the nurse on call and got dressed just in case she told me to carry him on to the ER. When she called his fever was coming down, slowly, but coming down. So we decided to wait and carry him in the morning. Abbie had decided to join the fun by that time so she got to go to the doctor also. Both of them had ear/sinus infections. They both got more medicine. Now they are feeling better. All 3 have to go back Wednesday to get checked and see if it is better. I sure hope so.
We had snow fore casted for Thursday night and Friday. So I canceled Levi's appointment with the heart doctor. I changed it to the end of the month in Villa Rica. Maybe there won't be any snow then. Anyway it started snowing Friday afternoon. It was pretty and the kids watched it, for about 5 mins off and on. They were not really impressed. The snow ended up melting by late afternoon. Levi came in here wanting to know where it went. Then it started sleeting. It sleeted hard for about 3 hours. That is STILL on the ground here. 2 days later! I have had a bate of this mess! There is still ice on the roads. Schools are closed again tomorrow. I don't think it has got above freezing here since Thursday. Tomorrow they are saying the 40's, it will seem like a heat wave. But I was looking at the forecast for next week and it says a chance of snow for Monday night/Tuesday. NOOOOOOO!!!! I HAVE to get out of this house! I know the kids want out also! We got 2 kittens last Sunday. They are orange, cute as can be! Levi named one of them Garfield. Andy named the other one Professor Cat. So we have Garfield and Professor. They want to go out and play with them so bad. But they are also scared to death of them! It is so funny!
It is 10:30, Abbie & Andy are asleep. Levi is holding out. I wish he would go to sleep and then I would go to bed! I think I will go check again and head to bed myself! Night All!

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