Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I am going to register the monkeys for pre-k Monday morning. I am so afraid they are going to be behind when they start school. They are already out smarting me - I know not saying much! But I don't want them to start K and be behind! It is going to be fun coming up with the money to pay for this but we will survive. But all donations are welcome! Just kidding (sort of!).

To night I was in the kitchen cleaning up and Andy came running in. "Momma, the toilet filled all the way to the top with water! Come see!" This just made chills run down my spine! I got the plunger and went in there. Sure enough the water was to the top. Andy was still laughing, he thought that was so funny! I asked them what they put in there. After about 10 minutes I got them to tell me they put 2 band aids, 2 stickers and some paper into the toilet. I got it to where it would flush - but it is still not right. So tomorrow we have to go to the Supermarket in Ranburne and get a heavy duty plunger and see if that will do any good. I sure hope so I do not want to have to find a plumber. I don't even know any plumbers around here.

We have decided that for vacation this year we will be going to Chattanooga. Go to the aquarium and a few other things and let that be it. School will be started when we would normally go to the beach and I don't care anything about being down there when it is so hot. Even then there is not that much to do with 4 year olds at the beach, other than the sand. Top that off with the fact that they are not scared of the water and run right into it and scare me to death we will skip it this year. I want us to do something all of us will enjoy so we are going to try Chattanooga. Now we just have to decide when we are going.

I am heading to bed now - Night All!

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