Monday, February 8, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away!

It was so pretty looking out the window today. But it was muddy and yucky out side. I don't think it has missed more than 1 or 2 days a week raining for the last month! We could grow rice in our yard. Mike cut some wood up for us to walk on in the yard around the house. If not for these we would have wet feet every time we went out side. Here are a few pictures of what the back yard has looked like lately.
Andy and Levi went back to the doctor to get their ears checked to make sure the infection was gone. Well it is! Yea - no more meds. or doctor visits! For awhile anyway!
We got there and they called us back to wait on Dr. Coleman. We had been in there waiting for a few mins. when Abbie and Andy told me they needed to go potty. I asked Levi if he needed to go. Nope. So I told him to sit right there and wait on Dr Coleman. OK. I opened the door and she was on her way into the room. I told her we would be right back. On the way down the hall I heard Levi telling her "My mommy is going to leave me in here, OK." She said he talked the whole time we were gone. I am so glad they like her as much as I do.
A few days ago Mike and Abbie were in the living room. I am not sure what she was doing now, but Mike got on to her to stop what ever it was. She looked at him and said "I de girl, I not do noting". And she meant it! As far as she is concerned she does nothing wrong! Over the weekend sometimes she got mad at me and told me she was not going to color me any more pictures, give me any more hugs and no more kisses. I told her that was fine. I would not be cooking her anything else to eat, taking her anywhere, playing with her, or anything else. She looked at me and grinned and said "Mommy I just kidding, I give you hugs & kisses and daw you pictures". She really must have thought about this because several more times through the day she made sure she told me she was just kidding and she loved me!
Andy is going to be mamas boy! He is up under me all day if he can get away with it. I ran to the store today and he got mad because I would not let him go. If I am sitting in the living room he is right there with me. Cooking, he is in the kitchen if I will let him in there. He will not let Mike do any thing for him, "Noooo Mamaaaaaa!" This gets old really fast! If Mike is not here I know I have to do it... but if he is here some help would be nice!!!!
Well the rain is supposed to be back tonight and for the next few days. With snow/rain mix over the weekend. Yea, something to look for ward to (haha).
I am heading to bed now - night all!

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