Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Going to Pre-K!

On Monday we got up early, really early for us! I got up at 6:30 and got dressed. I got the monkeys up about 7:20. Now you have to understand that Abbie is the early riser here and she gets up around 8:00. Andy and Levi will sometimes sleep until 10 or 10:30. So I go in expecting a fight, because I know with out a doubt that they are not going to be happy about being woke up this early. I flipped on Abbie's light, said Abbie time to go see the school. She popped up out of the bed ready to go. Well, that was the easy part, Andy is next, save Levi for last, I know he is not going to be happy. He has been telling me he was not going to go to school. So Flipped on Andy's light and told him time to get up so we could go see the school. He popped up just like Abbie. OK! This is going good, but I know my luck will not hold out! Went into Levi's room next. Levi time to get up to go see the school. And he popped up. OK Where are my kids?!? They are NEVER happy when they get woke up! So I get them dressed and we head to Bowdon. I had already decided that we would go by and eat breakfast before going, I did not want to get there while they were dropping off kids. "NOOOOOO!!!!! We don't want to eat, we want to go to school!!!!" OK Now I know something happened to my kids last night. Levi still was not going when he went to bed. We ate breakfast and went to the school. I am hoping for the best, but I know Levi or Andy or both of them will be attached to my legs. Never fells when they are around new people. We got in there and I got 3 sets of papers to fill out. Ms Janel ask if they want to see the class rooms. Here we go... They never looked at me, not a second glance and they were gone. OK I want my kids back, where did these come from! They looked around and pretty much made their selves at home! Abbie went in and got her a seat, joined right in. Good maybe this is going to be a really good thing after all! The only "problem" that we are going to have to break before school starts... peeing in the yard. Before I could stop him Andy dropped his britches on the play ground. I cought Levi before he did and carried him to the bathroom. I also told Ms Janel that we were going to work on it. I tried to explain it to them on the way home. We will see. They already know that mommy & daddy can't go to school, that it is for little people. And they are asking to go back! Just 6 months, maybe I can hold on that much longer!

I have thought a lot about what I am going to do when they go to school. I will get 3 1/2 hours a day childless! I am planning on going to A Lady's Pace every day. And then I am not sure. I can come home and get started or I can go to the grocery store - kid less! Or I can sit in the parking lot and take a nap or read a book. I am going to count down the days and start making me a list of what I can do, if I want to, while they are in school! It will be so nice to just have a little time to my self during the day. Now all the time to my self is at night, after everyone is asleep!

With all the rain & snow we have been getting lately, our yard is so muddy! Anytime we get out everyone has to have a bath as soon as we get back in. We went out the other day and when we got back in all 3 decided to get a bath together. Well they have not done this in forever, now I remember why (and it won't be happening again). Water EVERY WHERE! But they decided they were going to bathe their selves.
Here is Andy AFTER he washed his face!

All 3 in the tub. This tub is huge and it was full of monkeys!

While we were in Bowdon Abbie found a make-up kit she wanted. I will give in to anything (almost) that she wants that is girly. She plays with the boys stuff more than she does hers. So here she is with her make-up on. My Beautiful Princess!
And of course, SNOW. I despise snow. More so when there is mud under it because the ground is not froze. So even with all the "purty" snow we did not go out. They told me over and over how "purty" it was and they sure did want to go make snow angels. Nope, not going out to lay in the mud to make snow angels. Sorry! Yea, I know, mean old momma! It was purty (pretty).

This one is my favorite. This huge cedar tree is in our yard and with the snow coming down on it is was beautiful! But I sure hope this was the last snow we have for awhile!
The most peaceful time of the night! That is except for all the snoring!
Here is my snuggle bug Levi! When he goes to bed he has to have his sheet, his quilt, his lighten McQueen blanket and his batman cover. Daddy can not put him to bed, he can never get the order right and Levi will run him off and call me!

Here is my sweet heart Andy. When he goes to bed he has a whole different order to his cover. He has a spider man blanket that his aunt Charlotte made him. This has to be over him first. He says it "feels good". It is super soft! Then Lighten McQueen and a quilt that was his great grandmothers. He has slept with this quilt since he was in a toddler bed. I keep expecting him to tell me he does not want it because it has pink on it, but it has not happened yet. I think it is the only pink in his room!

And my princess! She has everything piled on her bed. But she wants to sleep with a stuffed animal or blankey (the lovie she has had since she was a baby). The only problem is you never know which one she is going to want. Believe me she will let you know if you give her the wrong one.
Like I said the most peaceful time of the night. They can get into all sorts of things during the day. But you could not stay upset with them. They are so sweet and precious when they are sleeping! Not that they are not during the day.
Night All!

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