Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Bufessor" & the Tractor Show

I walked out on the carport the other day and the cat had a lizard playing with it. It was so funny. He chased the poor lizard all over the place then would bring it back to the steps to show it to me. Before I got the camera out to make a picture he was showing it to me and the lizard jumped straight up and grabbed his bottom lip. I laughed so hard. He was trying to get the lizard off him and I wish I had of had my video camera for that. But the kids came out to see Bufessor & the lizard. Bufessor thought they were going to take it away from him . It was just the laugh I needed that day!

We carried the kids to the tractor show last Saturday. Levi remembered last year that there were chickens there. So the first place that we had to go was the chickens. I swear that boy should have feathers! He lives off chicken and all he wanted to do was go see the chickens!
Levi & Andy looking at the chickens.

They had a fish pond set up for the little ones. They had a ball fishing.
Abbie showing her "catch".

Levi & Andy with their "catches".

Paw paw, Andy, Abbie, daddy & Levi. Here they are holding their prizes for "catching" fish.
How do you like their caps? They got these last year and put them up so they would be able to wear them back this year. They still look brand new!
Abbie had a chocolate cup cake. I don't think she ate that much, she was wearing to much of it to have ate much!

Andy & daddy. Andy was eating his cup cake.

Levi didn't want a cup cake. He came and sat in my lap and we played with he camera. Turned out pretty good.

Levi had to have a monkey as his prize. Very appropriate!

After the tractor show we went to a pic nick with granny. It was at my moms work. They had 3 bounce things set up. The kids were not really fond of the food but they had a ball in the bounce things.
Yesterday we spent the day waiting for UPS to get here. We ordered Abbie a big wheel, pink & purple. The boys got a might wheels. I ordered them big wheels but they were back ordered so many times I found something else. I told them I could get them a big wheel, pink & purple. But they didn't seem to be interested in that, as a matter a fact it made them mad that I even asked them! Anyway we were watching for UPS all day. About 6:30 I told Mike I didn't think they were coming. I walked out on the porch and there they were. We had been out side all day and the kids had been watching for them and we still missed them. I don't know how long they had been out there. We got them put together and they rode them until I made them come in and go to bed. They got up this morning wanting to go out and ride some more.
They rode their rides all morning this morning. Then they decided to get the side walk chalk out. This would have been fine but the caught me doing something and poured out water on the carport and then ground up the side walk chalk in the water. This made a paste... Then they walked in it and rubbed it all over each other. They were so dirty! I wish I had got the camera out. But when I caught them going in the front door, on the carpet I just stuck them in the tub!
I am not sure what we are going to do tomorrow. I want to move some monkey grass. If they will behave and not get into everything I might get it done, yea right!

Night all!

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