Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The last week or so!

I broke down and pulled out the water colors the other day. The monkeys had a ball! Now they are wanting to do finger painting... I have not got my nerve up for that one yet!
Abbie painting
Levi Painting
Andy Painting
All 3 monkeys
Their "Art Work" - Abbie wanted to know if we could hang it in a museum!

I had to add these pictures. We got a new bubble machine and the monkeys were having a ball chasing bubbles. I was sitting out in the yard watching them and I noticed there was a deputy sheriff just almost stopping in front of the house. Well after slowing down really slow he went on up the road. He turned around and came back, almost stopping again. I really didn't think that much about it at the time, but later I got to thinking about what it must of looked like to him. I don't think he could see the bubbles from the road and the kids were running around swatting at something and I was just sitting there. I would love to know what he was thinking! If you look really close you can see the bubbles in the pictures.
Andy, Abbie & Levi
Abbie & Andy
Levi & Andy
Andy & Levi
Abbie & Andy
Andy, Levi & Abbie

The boys got their summer hair cuts. They love their hair like this. Especially at bath time. They hate having their hair washed! Andy, Levi & Abbie

The Easter Bunny came to see the monkeys.
I tried to get some pictures of the monkeys dressed for church. We didn't have much luck out side. The sun was in their eyes.

I gave up and we came back in and I got some pretty good ones then!
After lunch everyone came to our house for the egg hunt. The monkeys hunted eggs and played
with silly string! They had a ball! I think they enjoyed all the attention more than anything!
Uncle Mickey, Andy & Abby
Uncle Mickey, Abbie, Abby & Andy
Uncle Steve, Levi & Stephanie
Another one of Uncle Steve, Levi & Stephanie
Pops, Uncle Alan, Jonathan & Uncle Mickey
Maw maw, Mike, Chris, Andy & Levi's head
Pops, Emily, Cheryl, Uncle Alan & Levi
Aunt Cindy & Emily
Chris, Andy, Uncle Steve, Mike, Alan & Abbie's head
Pops, Stephanie's head, paw paw, Chris

My dirty monkeys! They had so much fun - ate so much junk - I didn't think they would be asleep at midnight. But they were a asleep by 9:00! I have come to the conclusion that sugar really does not effect the way they act. Or they would have been wild!
My dirty princess!
My dirty little man!
My other dirty little man!

Some funnies the monkeys have came up with:

Abbie asked me why did her daddy & me share a room. I told her that after each of them got their rooms there was only one left and we had to share. She then told me that she wanted me to share with her. I told her I could not do that because daddy was scared of the dark and I had to stay with him. Then Andy & Levi decided to get into the conversation. They decided they would sleep with daddy and they would bring their "frashlights" so daddy would not be scared. I finally just let it go, before I got into it any deeper with them!

When we go to town the boys have to stop and look at everything! I will tell Abbie to tell them bye. When she does this they come running. The last time we went to town the boys stopped looking at something and I told Abbie to tell them bye. She looked at me and said "NO, then they will come on". It did not take her long to figure this out and I don't think it would hurt her feelings if we lost them sometimes!

The light in the kids bathroom shot a few days ago. I went in there to change it and Abbie followed me in there. She looked at me and said "I have needed to go for 5 LOOOONG days and now that you fixed the light I can.". The light might have been out 3 mins. I told her the toilet worked with out the light. She got this shocked look, I don't think she believed me!

Night All!

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