Saturday, May 22, 2010

Long week!

I have a prayer request for everybody. This is a picture of Cassidy. She is 16 years old. She was in a 4-wheeler accident a week ago. She has head injuries. Please say a prayer for Cassidy and her family. Thanks!
Here is my princess. She HATES for me to even comb her hair, but she let me braid it the other day! It was so cute! I hope she will let me do it again soon!

Levi's room... I have been working on it. I was really close to having it done. One more night hopefully. And then I left the monkeys in the house with Mike so I could do somethings outside. When I was almost finished I asked Mike what the kids were doing, he told me playing in their rooms. OK - I thought he was checking on them ever so often. You know, like you do with 4 year olds. So I finished up out side and came in. First thing I do is go check on them. GOOD THING I DID! This is what I found.

This is just the carpet, not where they painted on the walls, chest of drawers and other things! So I asked Mike when he checked on them. Well, I am not sure he did. I was told they were playing and I left them alone. So, I got to clean the carpet, over and over and over. It is still there and you can still see it. But I could not get anymore of it up. I guess it just goes with the nail polish they poured out in there a couple of years ago!
So that is red nail polish with yellow and slate black paint. That is just in 4 1/2 years. I shutter to think what this carpet will look like but they time they are teenagers! Oh well, it is just carpet! Thinking about Cassidy makes you think about your priorities!

Anyway, here is Levi's room. It is almost finished. But the almost part is going to have to wait a little while. I am tired, my hands are swelling and throbbing so I will finish it later! But It looks pretty good if I do say so my self!

Here is Levi's Batman bat signal. Well that is what he tells me it is. I think it turned out pretty good, doing it free hand. They "helped" me with this also so I had to try and smooth up the sides. As long as you don't get to close you can't tell! But he likes it and that is all that matters!

They went to the dentist this past Tuesday. They did great! Levi even let them look at his teeth! I was so proud! Now we have got to work on them brushing their teeth better. They are doing good but their is some room for improvement!

I want to wish Alan & Cheryl a Happy (belated) Birthday! There is something about birthdays in this family. Alan & Cheryl's are in May. Mom & dad's are in June. Mike & mine are in Aug. The monkeys & John John's are in Nov. Em's & mamaw's were the same day in July. I guess we just like grouping things together, like monkeys!

My great aunt Opal died Thursday. We went to the funereal home last night. It is good to see family that you have not seen in a while. But I sure wish it was under different circumstance's!

The monkeys are wanting to go out and play in their pool. So I guess we are going to head outside now!

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