Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Rainbow Play Ground, Andy's Room & Locks

When I was little, I LOVED staying with my granny! She lived in Ranburne. I was there anytime my mom & dad would let me go! My granny is in heaven now. Where she lived in Ranburne the church now owns it and they have put a little playground. When Abbie saw it she called it the rainbow play ground. Last week I called Nicole to see if she wanted to bring Reese and meet me down there for the kids to play. So we did. Here are pictures of the kids playing in the same yard we played in when we were little at my granny's.
Nicole & Reese Andy, Levi & Abbie
Levi, Andy behind Levi & Abbie
Abbie & Andy Levi's back, Andy & Abbie Reese Abbie Reese in sand box, Abbie, Levi & granny Becky Abbie
Reese, Abbie, Andy & Levi Nicole, Becky & granny

They kids all had a good time! We will be going back to let them play some more! Next time Lori has to bring Alyssa & Jackson!

We wanted to look in where granny lived but they tore the porches off and there was no way to get into the apartment anymore. It looked so small from the outside. I remember it being so much bigger! I have so many good memories of my granny! I wish she had got to know the monkeys! They have ways so much like her! My granny loved to argue - these 3 would argue with a sign post and get mad because it did not argue back, just like my granny!

For a while I have been thinking about doing the boys rooms over. Letting the have more say i what was in their rooms. Well, I guess that time has come. I have finished Andy's room. Guess what is in there... be ya can't! Spider man! And who is surprised by that! He also got to pick out the color for his walls. They are a BRIGHT orange/red! It looks a lot better than I thought it would. But now he stays in his room, not Abbie's all the time. I have a few more things to go on his walls, but other than that his is finished. Levi's is next, I am going to try to start it the end of this week. Here are a few pictures of Andy's room.

I need to explain some thing in this picture. I have bought so many trash cans for their rooms. One way or the other they get busted. I have to toss them and get another one. Well I got tried of this and the last time I went out and got some of the 5 gal. buckets Mike had out back. These make good trash cans and so far they have not been able to destroy one of these! So that is what the bucket is for you see in the picture. I am going to get some plastic paint and paint them some times. Just wanted to make sure they were going to survive before I did!

Andy & Levi have got to where they can open the doors going out side. The main problem with this is they want to do it at 7:00 in the morning. If you know me you know I am not a morning person. I am up around 8, sometimes a little before. Abbie has woke me up a couple of days with "Bozs out side, Bozs out side!" This is not a good thing to get woke up with! So that night before I went to bed I put hooks of the front door & the door into the utility room. It took them all of one day to figure these out.

The next step was the chain locks. I put these on. It took them a couple of days to figure these out. It is amazing what a 4 year old can do with a broom stick! The funny thing about this is they want me to know they can do it. They opened the one in the kitchen and then called me in there to show me they could open it!

OK - They can side the little thing over and unhook it. So let see how they do with this.
So far I am winning this one. I have been putting the broom in the utility room and even if they had it I think this one would be much harder to get undone! So far it is working. The next step is new dead bolts that you have to have a key from both sides! I am thinking they may have to be purchased in the next few weeks. I don't get ahead of them often and when I do it does not last long!

The monkeys all have to go to the dentist Tuesday. Abbie and Andy do good. Levi has still not really let them look at his teeth good. I have my fingers crossed that he will this time. He said he would but we shall see!
All the monkeys are in bed & Mike is at work. It is starting to rain so I might make any early night of it and get some much needed sleep!
Night All!

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