Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hot Summer - already!

After much thought I went and got the monkeys a pool with a filter. I am so tired of trying to wash all the slime out of the small pools. What I was not thinking about was that the ground where said pool will be going is anything but level! So for 4 hours this morning I worked on leveling up the ground. I might have 1/4 of the 12 1/2' circle that has to be leveled up. And that is a really big might! So for the next several days I will be working on this. To bad Mike is at work for the next few days or he could help! I am so glad that we decided not to get a big pool. I don't think I could have dealt with that! When I get it all level with in reason, I will be making pictures.
It has been for the most part pretty quite around here. I have been trying to get the monkeys out of the house as much as possible. We have not been doing a lot of loafing. The van is sick. We have had it worked on and it did no good. Alan is taking a shot at it, maybe tomorrow. I want my van fixed. It is much easier that the car with the monkeys. Maybe soon!!!!
Today has been a "fun" day. I was working in the yard - leveling for the pool. The kids were fighting. And fighting. And fighting. And when they got over their fighting they fought some more. It took me awhile to realize what the problem was. Last night they wanted to stay up and play, stupid me let them.
Let see, just the high lights from today:
*Andy & Levi throwing rocks (BIG rocks) up in the air over their heads and then running! I was on the phone with Alan when they did this, I started yelling for them to stop. Alan was horse laughing! He thinks it is funny they are into everything!
*Andy told Levi "Back up some, I am going to throw this rock at you". Yea, I was still on the phone with Alan. He liked this on also!
*Andy and Levi got in a fight in the bathroom over who was going to wash their hands first. This turned bad fast. They both came out of the bathroom with bite marks. Sorry to much fighting today. Sympathy is all gone!
*Andy came running into the dinning room and ran into the wall. His nose and the wall were not getting along and the wall won that one! He like to have never caught his breath. Then he cried for 15 mins. I know it hurt!
*Abbie went into Andy's room and picked up his walkie talkie. Andy did not like this so he leaned over and bit her on the hand. THEN the screaming started. And this girl can do some screaming!
It was like this on and off all day, mostly on! Needless to say, they went to bed at 7:00 to night. Abbie went to sleep before 7:30. The boys were awake later but they were in their beds resting. So I am hoping that tomorrow is a better day! Not sure I can take another one like today!
Well I am heading to bed now, got to get some rest just in cast they are not in a better mood tomorrow!

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