Friday, June 11, 2010

Swimming Pool & Lyme Disease

After working 4 days digging up grass, and I mean lots & lots of grass. Then 2 days of leveling up the ground. We got to put the monkey pool in. They have been playing in it for 3 days now and they love it! I do too! It is so pretty and clear, no green yuck! Thank God! Now if I can figure out how to keep the chemicals like they should be we will be doing good. This is some of the grass I had not gotten up yet.

The pool is up! The monkeys are in it! It is just right for them. It is about 2 feet deep and 10 feet across. It will also be just right for me to lay out in the sun in! Now if granny will just monkey sit. They tell me I can lay on a float with them in there. I might be slow, but no where near that slow!
Levi - green ring, Andy - blue ring, Abbie - pink ring

The first of the week I noticed Levi had a bug bite under his arm. It look different, not like a normal bug bite, so I have been watching it. Thursday when they got out of the pool I was checking it out and noticed that it had a ring/rash around it. This really didn't look right. The bite did not look bad, but the ring made me wonder. For some reason, I guess I had read it some times in the past, I thought of Lyme Disease. So after getting granny to check it out I called the doctor. So we went in today. The doctor checked Levi out. Now there is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING wrong with this little stink. He has not slowed down a bit. After looking him over the doctor agrees that it is Lyme Disease. We could wait and do blood work in 4 weeks to make sure or start treating him now. We decided to start treating him now. So 21 days, 3 times a day, he will be taking antibiotics. He is not real happy about this, but he will get over it!
Here is his nice little bite.
Well I am heading to bed! Been a long day! Night All!

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