Saturday, June 5, 2010


I now have all the grass up where the pool is going. I started working on getting the ground level... for about 10 mins. Then I heard this unreal screaming (Abbie) and lots of giggling (Andy). When I looked over to see what was going on, Andy's shorts were around his ankles and he was peeing on Abbie! THIS IS NOT GOOD! Most things I can deal with and not totally loose it. BUT peeing on your sister or brother is NOT going to happen and if it does, heaven help you! Andy was wishing for some of that help today! And I made him do the worst thing I could think of for peeing on his sister... He had to tell her he was sorry and that he would never do it again and then... are ya ready... I made him hug her neck and give her a...KISS! This just about did him in! It is so nice to know there is one thing, well 2 that I can get to him with! No TV is the other - but it was to long until bed time for that one to work.
Anyway, I am so tired! You would not think clearing a 13 foot circle of all the grass would take so long and be so tiring! I think the fact that it was 85/90 degrees out side played into it!
But I have to agree with the kids on this one, I am ready for the pool to be up! I want in it! I got a solar blanket to put on it but I am not sure I am going to need it right now!
So as of right now, I am hoping to get the pool up Monday. Mike will be here and he can finish the leveling up of the ground. Then we will have to fill it up. And get the wrinkles out, as best I can. So maybe Tuesday we can get in it and play. We shall see.
Gave the monkeys baths tonight. I thought that Abbie was really dirty. Nope - she is that tan. Got that from her daddy - Not me. I wish I tanned like she does. But for me to have a tan it takes LOTS & LOTS of work. I plan on doing some of that (in new pool). Maybe the monkeys will go to granny's for a couple of days!
Well my kitchen looks like all
h@$$ broke loose in there so I guess I need to get started on it. I don't even want to think about the clothes that need to be washed. Maybe I will think about that Monday, if I have time!
Night all!

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