Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pre-K The First Week

Well we made it through the first week! The first day was the best. Levi teared up a little bit. But that was it for the most part. Wednesday: The teacher had to pull Levi off me. Abbie and Andy walked in and went to playing. Thursday: Mike was home and went with me to take them. He can not go back in the morning any more! It was twice as bad! I had to tell Mike to go out and I would be there in a minute! He was so close to telling Levi that he could go home with us. NO NO NO! You can not do that! Friday: Andy started when he got out of the bed. Telling me he did not get enough sleep and he was not going. Levi was fine. I think it took him by surprise that Andy was having such a fit. We were running late, it is really hard to get a 4 year old dressed that does not want to be dressed. When we got there I pulled up to the door to let everyone out. Thought maybe this might go over better. Well, not really. The lady who was helping get the kids out had to pull Andy out. The I just drove off while she dealt with him. BUT at lunch when I go to pick them up they are all laughing and having a good time!

Abbie is already asking when she can go back! The boys have not asked.

I told Mike that Abbie is like him and the boys are like me in the mornings. I go in to wake the boys first. I have to pull the covers off them, several times and keep telling them to get up. Abbie is up all by her self. "I ready to go mama"! So Like me the boys are not morning people. And like her daddy Abbie jumps up ready to go.

Thursday was Levi's day to bring snacks. I made monkey cup cakes for him. Seemed appropriate, I call the kids my monkeys and they are in the monkey class at school. Here are my monkey cup cakes. I think they turned out pretty good.
They colored self portraits at school Friday. They were so proud of them and I got a good laugh from them. I did not tell them that of course! but here are their pictures!
This is Andy's. Check out his ears, I asked if this was dirt, he just looked at me and said oh momma and laughed!
Here is Levi's. He forgot his nose!

And here is Abbie's! I am not sure why she has a pig nose, but she thought it was so pretty! And she also told me she was sticking out her tongue. I think I got the biggest laugh out of this one! But I LOVE what she told the teacher! Made me feel so good! Mike like the part about her minding mommy "sometimes"!

OK - got church tomorrow and we are going to go some where new. So I had best be getting to bed! Night All!

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