Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Here are the monkeys! Ready for their first day of school!
Here they are getting ready to go into school.
Here is Abbie. She went right in and was ready to get started. This is the look I got for trying to make her picture before we left.
Here is Andy.
Here is Levi. Levi had a few tear filled mins. after we left. But did really good other than that.
On their 2nd day when we started in you could hear the kids crying. This was not a good thing. I knew one of them was going to start crying with the others. And they did. Poor Levi was trying his best not to cry, saying mommy don't leave me. I had to or I would have brought him back home with me! But the teacher said he did good after a few mins.
Tomorrow is Levi's snack day. He wanted cup cakes. Since they are my monkeys and they are in the monkey class I made monkey cup cakes. Well here is the finished cup cakes. The kids like them!
Well it is time to get the monkeys in the bed so they can get up "while it is still night" to hear Levi tell it!
Night All!

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