Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the Pumpkin Patch last week. It was OK, but I will not be heading back up there again any time soon. The monkeys loved it. Just not my thing to go sit on wet hay for a hay ride or walk around in red mud to look at animals pooping and the kids wanting to pet them. Or rolling around in corn and digging corn out of their clothes for the rest of the day. Sorry did not care for it. But like I said the monkeys loved it so, I am glad that we went. Granny got to go with us, I don't think she was any more impressed with it than I was. Here are some of the pictures that I made while we were there.

This was Levi's favorite thing... a chicken. If you know Levi you know that he loves chicken. That is almost all he will eat. Most kids would not want chicken after they saw one and found out where it came from. Not Levi I think he was looking at this chicken and seeing chicken nuggets!
This is Levi eyeing the chicken. See what I mean!
Monkeys playing in corn. I am still finding corn in my floors! It does not feel real good when you step on it in the floor!
This is the monkeys pre-k class. The monkey class. That is what they call them, so fitting.

This was a big hit. Anything to do with water seems to be a big hit with 4 year olds!

The monkey class.

This was on the hay ride. Remember wet hay. They could have covered it up so it would have at least been dry. Nope, we all had wet butts for a while after this!

The monkeys had their picture made at school. It was fall pictures, but it was 80 degrees at the time during the day. Seemed kind of wrong to get these pictures made with them in shorts. So this is what I came up with. I think they are really good.

Granny and I are going to school with them tomorrow. We are going to go trick or treating in Bowdon. MAYBE it will not be raining! Then they are having their Halloween party at school.
Trick or treating Saturday night, I will be making pictures, well some anyway.
I am trying to get all the last things together for their birthday party ready. I hope they have a good time and are not made a me that I am not making a batman, spider man or pony cake! They know some of the things I have for the party but they don't know to much about it so it will be a surprise to them!
Got to run, got to get dressed, got get the monkeys and head to the dentist. Yea! Fun!

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