Friday, January 29, 2010

4-1/2 hours!

Yesterday Levi & I were gone for 4- 1/2 hours. That is all, just 4 1-2 hours. Mike was home with Abbie & Andy. I am not really sure what he did, but I know what they did. Well I can look at the floor in Abbie's room and tell part of what he did. There was pop corn, fruit loops, marsh mellows and gold fish in her floor. He gave them what ever junk food they wanted! Then they stayed really busy. Everything was pulled off the shelves and out of the toy boxes. Their beds had all the cover pulled off them but the fitted sheets. He told me when I got home that they were really good. I called him today when I really got to looking at the mess and asked him what he meant by "really good". He told me he went into their rooms and checked on them and they would be watching TV or playing with their v-tech. So today I have been cleaning all day and I mean all day. It is almost midnight and I just finished up. Well there is 1/2 load of dishes left for the dishwasher. But I will get that tomorrow! I told the monkeys no more food out of the dinning room! Even if I am not here! It was the biggest mess! But I have it all cleaned up now, thank goodness!

We have got to go to the grocery store in the morning! We are out of everything! I mean everything. Well that is what the monkeys think anyway! Levi wanted PB&J sandwich. Nope no PB&J. Andy wanted a "cold dog" (cold hot dog-yuck!), nope out of hot dogs. No more muffin mix, no chips and no sunflower seeds (for me!). So off to the grocery store we are going in the morning. I think we are going to go by Jacks and eat breakfast, bacon & cheese biscuit! Sounds good to me! The monkeys love to go eat breakfast. So maybe they will be good. Andy seems to think he is going to get a toy, nope sorry. I have told him this but he seems to be ignoring me on this point. I sure hope this does not turn into a fight in the store! But looking at the weather I can't put it off any longer. If the power goes off, everything here has to be cooked. That just won't work!

Well I have got to be heading to bed now. It could be a long day tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Levi's Click

Carried Levi to Sibley Heart Center today to get his heart checked out. When we got there they hooked him up to all these wire and got a print out of his heart rhythm, blood pressure, blood pressure in his foot, then we got to see another nurse. She wanted to know why I had made the appointment. So I told her that I had gave them the referral when we got there. Oh, OK. I also told her that they had seen him before. Oh, OK. So she got to really looking at his file then. Then she looked at me and said OK the doctor will be right in. The doctor came in then and talked a little bit, then she started listening to his heart. Then she listened some more. Then she looked at me and said I think we need to do an ultrasound. This kind of scared me. Asked if she heard the click that his doctor was hearing. Yes, She did. So then we go to another room and had an ultrasound of his heart done. Then the doctor came back in and looked at the results of the ultrasound. Everything is normal. Looks good. So what about the clicking?!? She says "It is normal for Levi." So Levi has a clicking heart... That is normal. Well I feel much better that there is nothing wrong. It still sounds funny to me that a click is normal. I just looked at the paper they gave me, it says DIAGNOSIS: Click - Normal for Levi. So I guess Levi just has his own "click"!
They were super nice! Levi was the only patient there. He had 2 nurses, an ultrasound tech. and a doctor all for him. We were there for about an hour & and half. The only problem Levi had was they did not have any Batman stickers! So when we left we went in search of Batman!
Night All!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monkeys Pictures

Here are some of my favorite photos of my monkeys.
Here is Levi & Andy. You can tell they look just alike here! This is Andy, the first time he was ever in his swing. Abbie was "talking" to the frog!
Princess Abbie - Check out all the hair!

This is Andy looking at his daddy!
Here is my princess!
All 3 monkeys! Still can't tell Andy & Levi apart!

Levi - He still does not like clothes. First thing he does when we get home is strip!

Andy sitting in his frog chair.

Another one of my princess!

Do you see why we had a hard time telling Andy & Levi apart?!?

All 2 monkeys! They loved playing in clothes baskets!
My monkey boys!
And another one of princess Abbie!

Tomorrow I have to carry Levi to get checked out. I really don't think it is going to be a big deal... but I am really dreading it. The "what if" part is why I am dreading it so bad. I have been talking to him about the things they are going to do. So maybe he will not freak out on me!
While we are out & about I have got to get Abbie a new curtain rod. The boys pulled hers down and broke it last night. They have been into everything the last few days!
Today we went to Carrollton with granny. She had an appointment and for some reason I told her we would go with her. Note to self... NEVER volunteer to go sit in a doctors office with 3 4 year olds unless it is life & death!
When we left Carrollton we went by and saw Nicole's new house. I love it! Especially the toy/play room in the basement! That would have to be my favorite room in the house. Katie's "green" room would be a close second!
OK Time to head to bed! Night All!