Saturday, February 20, 2010

Snow & the Toilet

There has not been a lot going on here. Just more of the same old thing. The kids getting into things they don't need to be getting into!

As you can see in the pictures below, we got our "rain/snow mix" as they called it! I think we ended up with 4 inches of yuck! I think the more I hate the snow the more we get of it! They kids loved it. Wanted to stay out side. Mike was at work so it was just me and them, needless to say we were not staying out side in this mess all day! But we did get out a few times. We might have got out more but every time we went in they would strip down. Then when we went out again I had to get them dress all over again. I think I had 3 loads of clothes that day from where we went out 3 times. There was mud under the snow so they would be muddy and wet. Like I said YUCK!!!! This is "Bufesser Cat". The kittens had a ball playing in the snow.

Miss Abbie - I am not sure what that look on her face was all about.

Andy & Levi had a "toy" shovel digging holes in the "snow". That's what they told me they were doing when I told them to quit digging holes in the yard.

Levi decided that he wanted to play ball.

Here are some pictures made later in the day.

For some reason Garfield & Bufessor Cat like sleeping in the flower pot. They have 2 beds and this is where they get.

The rain is supposed to be back tomorrow night and I saw snow for later on in the week. More YUCK! I sure hope there is not a lot of it!
What is the attraction between little boys and water? I can't keep the boys out of the water. They have drowned their bathroom more times than I want to think about. So I turned the water off to the sink in there. They have to come to the hall bathroom to wash their hands so I can keep an eye on them. But they have discovered there is water in the toilet. It took them a little while to figure this out but they did. A week or so ago I went in there and they had wet toys all over the floor. I asked them how the toys got wet. It was the strangest thing. No one knew how the toys got wet. It took about 15 mins. but I found out some of the toys would float in the toilet. I gathered all the toys up. Cleaned up the boys and the bathroom. Then we had a talk about putting things in the toilet was not something the needed to do. We talked about what the toilet was there for and that the toys were really dirty after being in there. So, the toys were going in the trash because they were dirty. Well, I told them that. There was over $200 in batman and spider man junk there, no way was I tossing that. But I washed all of it and put it all up for several days. I put it all back a little at a time. Well.... I went in there tonight... In the sink there were toys and... WATER. Remember the water is cut off at the sink. I asked them where the water came from. It was another one of those things where no one had a clue where the water came from. I really was not sure on this one. The boys or their clothes were not wet. The floor was just a little but not much. So I asked again "Where did the water come from?" Andy finally told me it came from the toilet. But how did it get into the sink. Levi has a water gun thing. You put it in the water and pull back the end of it and it fills up. And they used it. Well that thing is now in the trash. But they kept telling me that they did not put the toys in the toilet. They did not know why I had a problem. The toys were in the sink. So I gathered up toys (told them I was trashing them). Cleaned up the mess and we had a talk about toilet water. I sure hope they don't find another loop hole in what I told them tonight.
This after noon I went in to the boys bathroom (seems like a pattern here). The floor was soaked, the side of the tub was soaked and the shower walls were soaked. I asked where this water came from. Levi looked at me very seriously and says "It's not water." OK I'll bite what is it. Levi looks at me and says "I was on the potty. I had to poop. Andy came in and he had to pee. But I not finished. He pee'd everywhere." OK So it is pee all over the bathroom. So I clean up the bathroom and we had a nice little talk about there being 3 bathrooms here and if someone was in one of them go to the next one. They looked at me and said "Oh, OK." Like they had never though of using one of the others.
Yesterday Abbie & Levi went to stay with granny & pops. Andy and I went to get our taxes filled out and do a little loafing. He was the best thing! I didn't have to get on to him the whole time we were gone. When we got back he wanted to go to granny & pops. So I carried him up there. I was getting excited, an evening all by my self. A night of doing just what I wanted to. Nope not going to happen. Abbie misses me and she is not going to spend the night. She is coming home with me. Oh well. So we get home and do a few things and I asked he what she wanted for supper. "Nothing here." After much debate we decided to go to the GA Dinner. Then we came home and played some. Today she played while I cleaned until the boys got home. Then all the above fun started. Tomorrow Levi & I are going to WM. So that will be some one on one with each of them this weekend. That is really good for us, it is so hard to get one on one time with them.
Well I am heading to bed now. Get rested up for tomorrow and what ever they have in store for me.