Friday, July 16, 2010

Hot & Muggy

I am so ready for summer to be over with. Then I will be ready for winter to be over with. But anyway. It is so hot and muggy everyday that it is really hard to go out side. he longer I am out there the worse my head hurts. Then it will take forever to get that to stop. Come to think of it I really am not sure why they want to go out there anyway. They want in the pool. OK that last maybe and I do mean maybe 30 mins. Then they are ready to get out. What ever I am doing, even if it is just sweating on the carport, is so much more fun. So why not just get in the tub and then get out and follow me around in the house. With the AC. That just makes so much more sense to me. But they do not agree with me and I am out numbered on this. Come on Fall, I am ready for some cooler weather!
Monday night we had a thunder storm. I have NEVER seen lightening like that before. And it lasted for over an hour. The phone was ringing every 4 or 5 mins. There was no one there when it did this so I am guessing it was the storm causing it. Then there was a LOUD clap of thunder. Then the computer started popping. I say popping fell more like a small fire cracker going off in my living room. It did this twice and... RIP my poor computer, and modem. I am thinking that is all it got. But then again I don't think I have washed or dried clothes since Monday so there could be more. I will find out next Monday. I TRY to do all the washing and cleaning on Mondays. The we have the rest of the week to do other things... like sweat out in the yard with the monkeys! So Tuesday the kids went to granny & pops for the day. I was off to WM to get another computer. Got that. Got home, computer installed, modem does not work. Called the phone company. They tell me it is the either net cable. Send me back to WM to get another one. Get home with this and it still will not work. Now they are not sure what the problem is. I asked this "smart" person I was talking to if they thought the problem "might" be the fact that the modem got hit by lightening?!? I was told "well it could be". I had already told them the whole story, NEW computer - old modem. After about 10 mins it hit this "smart" person that maybe it was the modem. So they had to get it approved to send me a new modem. Then they come back and tell me that they are going to have to bill me for the modem. I am so confused... If you are going to bill someone for something I would think they would be the one approving sending out a new one. But anyway I was told I would have the modem the next day. Nope not here. Nor the next day. Called them back again. "Oh so sorry, you were misinformed" It will not be there until Friday. OK - I am really pissed now. Then this person had the gall to tell me "Thank You for your call and I hope I was able to answer all your questions and that you are satisfied with your service". Well NO - not unless you can run me a modem over here right quick. I think he wanted to hang up on me and could not at this point! I just though about something. I have inside wire maintenance. I wonder if that would cover the modem. I may just have to call them back!
Other than that not to much going on here. I have put up 5 - 5 gallon buckets of tomatoes. They will be good this winter, but I am so tired of peeling tomatoes!
We are going to go to Reese's birthday party tomorrow. Abbie is looking forward to this. She told me she was going to give Reese a big kiss when we get there! The boys just want to go somewhere, anywhere.
We did have a first here last night. Andy had a bad dream and come and got in the bed with Mike & me. They are 4 1/2 and that was the first time one of them has done that. But Andy had to tell the other 2 about it and I think they thought it sounded like lots of fun. I may be on the couch in the morning!
Night All!