Monday, August 30, 2010

Getting ready for Pre-K

Pre-K starts Tuesday. I think I can't wait, but then there is that little nagging feeling that my babies are going to school and I really am not sure I am ready for them to go to school, even if it is just pre-k! Another draw back of having triplets is ALL of them will be gone. All 3 of them at the same time. None of that easing into it, all or nothing! It is just 3 hours and I think I can deal with it! I think I can...

I have been racking my brain trying to come up with a way to deal with their clothes. I want to be able to get every thing ready on Sunday afternoon and not have to deal with it the rest of the week. I told Mike he might have to get them dressed one day and he would be lost! So after thinking about this for several days this is what I came up with.

It has 6 opening for each of them. So one opening for each day of the week and a spare one on the bottom for shoes and what ever. I even clipped Abbie's hair bows to go with her out fit on the side of her thing. I can get everything together on Sunday and just pull it out in the mornings and put it on them. Right now there is no and I mean NO batman, spider man, iron man or any other super hero going to be wore to pre-k. This will work as long as non of the other little ones come in wearing them. If they do I think I will tell them they can wear them on Fridays. They have to many clothes that are cute to wear that mess all the time.

Here are the monkeys ready to go meet their teacher, Ms Deborah. They had a really good time and seemed to like all the kids in their class.

Another good thing about that night was no one and I mean no one asked if I was their grand mother! Most of the other parents looked like they were in their mid 20's. Makes me feel old enough with out any one asking that terrible question!
Oh yea, Another wonderful thing about triplets. Most moms have to supply snacks for pre-k once a month. Twice at the most. Well lucky me, I get to do it every week! Every flipping week I have to come up with something for snacks for the class. I am just waiting to see what other things come up! They are all in the same class. I really would have like to have each of them in their own class but there was only 2 classes and I did not think that would be fair to the odd one out. We will see how it works out!

Miss prissy told me she wanted fluffy hair the other night. So I pulled out the sponge rollers and rolled her hair. She looked so cute! She even slept in these rollers.

And when we took it down the next day she had fluffy hair! So here is my pretty girl with fluffy hair!

And here are my monkey boys!
Well I am going to go watch some TV! Night All!