Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Monkey's are 5!

OK - I am getting really bad at this, I know. I will try to do better!

The monkey's went trick or treating at pre school. I had one batman, one spider man and a doctor. The had a great time and got tons of candy! Way more than we needed here!

This is their class Halloween picture.

Here is my batman, spider man and little doctor.
The monkeys wanted to play with play dough. I HATE play dough. This is why.
It some how ends up in the floor. And for some reason once it hits the floor, they are no longer responsible for it. It then becomes my problem. Play dough does not sweep up well, unless you leave it till the next day and it gets hard. Then it is no problem to sweep up.

Happy Birthday Monkeys! They are 5! The last 5 years have gone by so fast! But I enjoy just sitting back and watching/listening to them. They sound so grown up!
They had a party at school. I fixed them a Snoopy cake for their party.
They wanted their picture made with me. So this is what we came up with. Not to bad considering I had to make several pictures to get both of us in the pictures!
Andy & me
Abbie & me
Levi & me

We had them a little birthday party at the house on their birthday.
Levi with his birthday present from granny & pops.
Andy & Levi - Pops in the back ground.
Miss Abbie on her bike.

Pops cutting Birthday Cookie for Miss Abbie.
Andy eating his cookie.
Levi eating his cookie.
Abbie getting ready to eat here. I think she was eating the icing.

We had their birthday party in Bowdon on Sunday. We did a Three Ring Circus birthday party. I think things went really good! For some reason some of my pictures are really dark, but they are all I have right now until I get moms camera. Thanks to everyone who came! I hope everyone had a good time! I know the monkeys did.

Miss Abbie

Tonight at bed time Abbie had to sleep with her babies. So sock monkey, Dora, her pillow pet and last but not least blankie. Blankie is a constant. Even if she does not have blankie when she goes to bed she will wake up looking for blankie!
Abbie with her new outfit that Miss Carrie & the girls gave her.
Andy with his new jeans from Uncle Steve & Aunt Holly. His shirt from Aunt Annice. Iron man from ma maw & papaw.
Levi with his jeans from Steve & Holly. His shirt from Aunt Annice. And Iron man transformer from Alan & Cheryl.
Abbie & Levi

The pre school had their Thanksgiving program today. They were so cute and did so good!
Presley, Abbie, Andy & Levi
Presley, Andy, Levi, Abbie & Sydney

Levi with carrott in his mouth.
Andy's placemat
Levi's placemat
Abbie's placemat
Mister Turkey - All the kids got a feather to decorate. Then they were added to mister turkey.

OK - I think I have everything cought up now, maybe. If I don't I don't remember it so I guess it will have to go unsaid!

Abbie is running a low fever and I am hoping it is one of those things that will be gone in the morning. I think it is her sinus's. But it could turn out to be a long night so I am heading to bed now. Night All!