Saturday, December 11, 2010

Almost ready for Christmas!

I am catching up, once again. So here are some pictures form the last month or so!

Poor Professor Cat. The monkeys are piling leaves on him and he is just laying there letting the. He is a good kitty!

The monkeys got new swings. Looking at these pictures they also got a bath shortly after going in the house. Abbie looks like a little pig!
Andy is mad at me! I made someones picture before I made his!
Levi is enjoying his new swing.
Andy got in a better mood!

Abbie wanted to have a camp fire and roast marsh mellows. So we did. Never mind it was misting rain, the wood was wet and it took a can of charcoal lighter fluid to get the fire going.
We did have a good time. The only real problem we had was after the boys found out the marsh mellows would burn. Then on top of that, Mike told the to wave them in the air to put the fire out. Did you know that after they burn long enough and you wave the stick around they are on you will have a flaming marsh mellow missile going through the air in God knows what direction! It did get dangerous after that!

The monkeys went to Coopers birthday party at Yogi Bear Park.

Abbie with Yogi.
Levi with Yogi. Andy wanted no part of him so I did not get a picture of him with Yogi.
Happy Birthday Jonathan!
I think Jonathan was trying to get his birthday presents before the monkeys did!
Emily & Abbie
Levi, Emily & Andy

We are decked out for Christmas. Even Professor Cat is getting into the act. I guess he was telling Santa what he wanted for Christmas!
We made pictures for our Christmas cards. This is some of the ones I ended up with.
Andy & Levi
All 3 monkeys

This is the one we ended up using,

The monkeys had to go for the 5 year check ups yesterday. It went really good until the S word was used. SHOTS! NOOOOOOOO. No one wanted a shot much less 2! I did really good until it was Levi's turn and he yelled, and I mean YELLED, "MOMMY DON"T LET THEM DO IT TO ME!!!!!!" I almost got my babies and left. But they got their shots. They survived and so did I. When we left we went to McD's for a happy meal, ice cream cone and some therapy on the indoor play ground. This helped their feeling so much.
Levi has been coughing and cruddy for a few days. Well last night the fever started. So I was up with Levi most of the night. This morning all 3 of them are in a mood. I am blaming most of it on the shots. But started Levi on the meds the doctor gave him for a sinus infection. All three are taking pain meds for the shots. I am sure hoping that their mood improve soon!
So today this is what my living room looks like. At least we are still getting some use out of the baby bed mattresses!
Merry Christmas Everyone! May God bless you in the coming year!