Sunday, January 30, 2011

Catching up...

Let me start by saying I am glad that the boys don't read this or they would be MAD! All of the pictures I have are of Abbie. Well that is because my computer went crazy and I pretty much lost most of the pictures I had on here. I have a few of them on disk but I am not going to look for them right now.
Well I found out what was wrong with the monkeys and me. On Tuesday when it was time for them to go back to school they were all fever free, had been for over 24 hours. So I sent them back to school. By Tues evening the fever was back. All nigh and the next morning they still had fevers, me too! So we all went to the doctor. We all had the flu! The boys had ear infections. I had a sinus infection and Eustachian tube blockage/infection. Fun, fun, fun! The doctor said no school for the next week. Well that worked out really good with the weather. So they went the Tuesday before they went to the doctor on Wednesday. Out Thursday and Friday then it snowed and iced. So school was out the next week. By the time they got to go back to school they were all well! It was Friday before I let them or out of the house. Partly because everything had a sheet of ice on top of it and I did not care to bust my butt! But they had a ball when they did get out there. It did not take them long to decide it was a lot more fun to slide down hills on their belly!
They all went to the dentist last week. He said they were doing good. I am so glad! While we were all sick brushing every ones teeth was the last thing I thought about! Speaking (writing) of teeth, Abbie lost another tooth! She was so excited. The tooth fairy brought her a necklace. I have got to get a stock pile of $1's. They told me that Andy and Levi's were starting to get loose. I can't tell they are but I am getting ready!

I went in to check on Abbie the other day, she was having a tea party. Her, pillow pet and Pablo.

Abbie is the Star Of The Week at school this coming week. We had to do a poster about her. This is what we ended up with. This was some more fight. The boys were mad because Abbie was getting to do this. Never mind that they will get to do it when they are star of the week. But we got it finished and here it is.
Andy is the leader tomorrow and Abbie is Star Of The Week. This means that Levi is not happy! He told me that tomorrow was going to be the worst day ever. I hope it is better than he thinks it is going to be!

Well my van is sick. Not sure what it is going to cost to fix it. Please say a little prayer that it is not as bad as we think it may be! Thanks!
Night All!

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