Thursday, February 24, 2011

We went for a walk in the woods last weekend. The monkeys were ready to go, until about half way back to the truck. Then they did not want to go any further. They wanted to be carried. At around 50 lbs each that was not happening! They were 3 happy monkeys when we got back to the truck!

Abbie decided that she wanted curly hair. So after she got her bath I rolled her hair on sponge rollers. Before I got the other 2 monkeys cleaned up they had to have a book read to them.

Then baths for the boys and bed for all 3. After they were in bed I don't think Abbie was quite as sure she wanted curly hair. She went to sleep after a while. She looked so sweet with all those rollers in her hair!

I had to get pictures of Levi and Andy also! They are so sweet when they are asleep!
See batman and optimums prime beside Andy. You have to have these before he can go to sleep.

And Levi
The next morning when I took the rollers out of Abbie's hair she took off for the mirror to see what it looked like. She came back into the living room and told me she did not want to go to school with her hair like that! I told her it would look better after I brushed it. And it did! It was so cute!

I did not think there would be any curl left in it when she got home but there was. It lasted for 3 days. Tonight she had to have it rolled again. She likes it like that. It is supposed to rain tonight/tomorrow wonder how long it will last this time.

Levi wanted his picture made with batman. So here is Levi and batsie! It makes him so mad when I call batman batsie boy!
Oh well I think I may head towards the bed. Kind of tired to night and I have a bunch that I need to do tomorrow!

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