Thursday, March 31, 2011

Yea I know, it has been a while! Not to much going on. Heading to Church on Sunday morning. I am not sure why they decided to hold hands, but they did. I LOVE the look on Miss Abbie's face!!!

Abbie decided that Levi needed a kiss. They rolled around on the floor for almost an hour.
I thought she got him right here, but she did not give up.
Levi almost kicked her in the face. This I did put a stop to.
And then... She got him. He got up wiping his face and told he he hoped that she was happy. It was rather funny watching this!

The monkeys have discovered Nintendo. I have developed a new hate of Nintendo! They LOVE it, way to much! I think it stayed out a couple of weeks. Then it was put up. It got to where that was all they wanted to do. Did not want to go outside and play, nothing but Nintendo! So the Nintendo went back into the drawer. I am not sure when it will come out again, I will have to be VERY desperate to drag it out again. It is gone now and they are going outside to play and playing with their toys and such again. Glad it is gone.
Miss Prissy sitting in Mikes chair coloring.
BBK went to the Anniston Museum of Natural History. We went here often before the monkeys turned 5. It was free before they were 5. Now not so free. Here Levi is looking at a little monkey. He though it was so cute!
Here is Andy standing in front of the mummy.
Here is Andy, Abbie, Sidney and Levi.
Abbie, Andy & Levi in front of the bear.

When we left we went to McD's for lunch. Not my favorite place to go, but we had a good time.
I got to sit beside this little cutie! She would make the funniest face every time she took a bite of this ice cream. So cute! We need another baby in the family, anyone want to have one?

Like I said, not to much been going on. Now next month is another story. The monkeys are out of school for spring break next week. BBK is going to the fire department one day. They are going to get their cap & gown pictures made. They will be having an egg hunt and a Easter party. So next month will be busy, I will have to remember to take my camera with me.

Night all!

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