Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Spring Break from ...

OK before I get started on this week, Blogger has changed their set up.  This is the first time I have seen it.  So if things look funny, I may have to play with this to see what all it does now. Nope, I won't be doing much, it just looks different.

Monday, first day of Spring Break.  The monkeys played till early afternoon and then went to Granny & Pops for the night.  Mike and I cut grass and worked in the yard all afternoon.  It looked like it was going to rain the whole time, once there was a few drops of rain.  But it was comfortable out there and we got a lot done. 

Then I cooked supper and we ate.  I got to sit down and eat while it was hot!  This might not mean much to most folks, before the kids I would have thought someone was kidding if they had told me they did not remember the last hot meal they got to eat.  But it was great!  Even if it was just hamburgers! 

Then Mike had to go to work.  I was planning on cleaning the house.  Getting everything done in here and being pretty much done with it for the week.  But I just could not get started.  So I found a movie I wanted to watch, popped some pop corn, grabbed a coke and sat down to watch TV.  Just as my butt hit the chair the power went out!  So I sat there in the dark and ate my pop corn.  Then I went out side and watched the lightening show.  Around midnight I decided the power was not coming back on anytime soon so I went to bed. 

I could not get comfortable.  I tossed and turned and flipped and flopped.  Around 1 am it hit.  And when it hit, it hit hard!  I had a virus.  I did not know it at the time, but it is a MEAN virus.  As the monkeys say I was pouring out.  

Quick little tid bit here:  When we were little we used to laugh at our moms and aunts for peeing when they laughed, sneezed or coughed.  Well as of Monday night I have another one to add to the list.  Pouring out.  Yes, if I ever get sick I have to make sure I am sitting on the toilet.  Another one of the things I need to thank my little ones for some day!  

OK, back to Spring Break.

  I was sick until  around 10 the next morning!  I had things hurting that I did not even know could hurt like that!  (Tonight Mike and I figured up that it had been about 15 years since I had been sick and poured out.  I was never sick when I was pregnant)  It was 2 days before my back was not killing me.

Mike went and got the monkeys about 6:30 Tuesday night.  Then he went to work.  I am hurting so bad and feel like crap.  The monkeys do not want to go to bed.  I gave up about 9:30.  I went to bed.  They were in their rooms, not asleep but in their rooms.  I woke up around 12 and they were all asleep, in their beds.  I turned off their lights and TVs and went back to bed.

Wednesday was a pretty good day.  I sat outside with the kids until Mike woke up.  Then he carried them waking and I got a nap.  Cooked supper, the monkeys all got baths and went to bed.  A pretty good day.
We had plans to carry them to Jump USA the next day.  Then... Mike got The Virus.  It had been 2 days.  I thought we were good, that I was the only one that would have it and it was done with.  Boy was I wrong!
Thursday I got the monkeys dressed and we headed out.  They had a blast!  Did not want to leave the "jumping place".  But I had told them we would go get pizza.  So off to the pizza place.  Ordered our pizza, all is good.  5 minutes later Levi is laying all over me.  I asked if he was OK.  Yea, just tired.
Not 2 minutes later he was pouring out.  I took care of him.  Went over and told Andy and Abbie we needed to go.  Andy informed me he had not finished his pizza.  He was not going to leave until he finished his pizza!  I ended up tossing his plate, making him mad, to get him to leave. 

Got home got Levi settled in the living room floor.  He was sick for a few hours.  By bed time all was well again.  Well until 11 pm.  Then it got Abbie.  So I was up with her until around 4.  The next morning everything is back to normal.  The monkeys played and I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.  I also sprayed Lysol.  I sprayed so much Lysol I could taste it.  And I hate Lysol.

Friday night everyone slept.  It was so nice. 

Saturday, this morning, we got up had breakfast and headed outside.  I had so many things on my to do list for this week that I had not even got close to doing.  So I washed the van and cleaned off the cart port.  That is when the monkeys let me know they were ready to go back inside.  OK, I have things to do in there also.  I stayed busy and they played all afternoon.  Ate supper and got baths.  Another good night.  Got the monkeys in the bed and sat down to fold clothes and watch TV with Mike.

MAMA!!!!!   Its back!  Andy has it now.  So I am up at 2 in the morning washing the 2 sets of sheets Andy has already got through tonight.  I am hoping that he is not going to be sick anymore.  He is not a good patient.  I told Mike he was in here pouring out one minute and fussing and griping about being sick when he wasn't.  But he is sleeping now.

So right now the longest that has gone by between folks getting sick is 2 days.  So if we make it till Tuesday morning with no one getting sick the monkeys will go back to school.  So they will be getting another day off for Spring Break.

I was thinking to day.  Christmas while they were out of school we all had the flu.  Spring break we all have this mess.  I am not looking forward to them getting out for the summer!

Well it is 3:35 am, I am going to go put some more sheets in the dryer and I am going to see if I can get a couple hours sleep.

Night All!

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