Saturday, October 15, 2011

August 1st!  This was not a day that everyone was looking forward to.  Two little boys were NOT looking forward to this day.  Miss Prissy, well she was.  She was up and ready to go before we had to.  This did not go over well with the boys!  August 1st was the first day of kindergarten camp!  
We started with breakfast.  This did not go good.  Levi told me what he wanted and that is what I fixed.  I think I must of put the icing on the wrong side of his toaster pastry.  Because he was mad.  As in in the floor having a fit.  He has not pitched this kind of fit in so long.  
 Levi in the floor, mad at me!

 Like I said Abbie was ready for school!  She had missed school since pre-k  got out in May!

Andy, well he was sort of OK.  He was not happy about it, but was dealing better than Levi.  This really surprised me! 

Then everyone got dressed.  I was having to do some fast talking to get the boys to get dressed.  So after much though I told them (Andy & Levi) that lizard and kitty could could go to school with them.  They really look kind of happy here!

Then we get to school...

 Abbie was great!  Found out which class she was in and she was ready to go!  I did not get many pictures.  It was hard to follow Abbie to make hers with the boys attached to eat leg!  

Andy was OK, not good but dealing with it.  

And the Levi.  I think this picture says it all!

There really has not been much going on since school started.  School during the day.  Homework at night and try to spend a little time with each other on the weekends.  It is going by so fast!  
The only bad thing from my point of view is the crap they are catching in school.  The school nurse thought they were getting pink eye.  Nope they didn't but I did.  Then the stomach virus!  YUCK!  No fun what so ever and you know they have to share it and have it one at a time!  Right now I am hoping that we are over the last of that mess!  I thought it was over with.  Abbie was the last one sick and that was this past weekend.   She had complained with her belly ever since she had been sick.  Then last night Abbie woke up screaming and crying.  So off to the ER.  We were there a little over 4 hours.  The doctor told us that it was like her belly had went to sleep while she was sick and it just woke up.  And when it woke up it was quite painful!  She was some better today and has slept good so far tonight.  

The monkeys wanted their picture made a few weeks ago.  
 Levi & Andy
They are getting so big!  It is less than a month and they will be 6 years old.  It does not seem like it has been six years.  
Miss Abbie

I have faced the fact that my babies are in school now.  Most days are good and there is not a lot of tears when they have to go.  They are doing good and are making new friends.  And lizard and kitty are still attending school.  They may get to go for several more years.  If that makes my boys feel better and deal with school better, hey, if they hold up they can have a cap and gown when they graduate high school for all I care!

Right now I am trying to get everything together for their birthday party.  I have no idea of how many kids will be there.  3 classes with around 17 kids in each invited to the party.  Plus everyone else!  Going to be fun!


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