Friday, February 18, 2011


Andy and I are having some one on one time this weekend. I guess I tired him out today. He was asleep by 7:45 tonight. Poor thing! The one night that he could stay up as long as he wanted and he went to sleep!

That just gives me time to get the blog caught up!

Andy has really been putting it on Levi lately. What Andy can't figure out is why Levi lets into him when he gets a chance. Well Levi will take and take and take. Then he has had all he is going to take and he fights back. When he does this Andy had best watch out. But Andy has not figured this out yet, well he may have after this time!

There is a place above eye on the right side and one below his eye on the left side. Maybe, maybe he learned something after this time!

Abbie and the boys have started helping me clean the kitchen after dinner, some, not much, sometimes their help makes me have lots more work!

Abbie cleaned up the table after supper.

The boys washed a few dishes to help.

See what I am talking about? Levi is showing me the dish rag, water is not dripping off this, it is pouring off it!

This is Abbie's room. She does not understand why I tell her she needs to clean her room. Well Abbie, BECAUSE I CAN'T GET TO THE BED!!!! The door will not close, can't get to the closet or dresser, do I need to go on!!!

She does play with all this unlike the boys, they just drag everything out!

Abbie and the boys had a tea party the other day. Well they were all in the same room anyway. Levi had a tea party with his teddy.
Abbie invited her cow.
Andy invited his teddy.

And Mike wonders why I ask him what is wrong all the time! Look at the look on his face! And the monkeys can give these looks! He will come ask me what is wrong with them! Nothing, they are just giving it back to you!

I went to check on the monkeys before I went to bed one night. Not only were the boys sleeping together, they were on the same pillow! So cute! I had to get a picture!
Then I had to get one Of Abbie also!
For some reason she was sleeping at the foot of her bed. If she does not have a problem with it, neither do I!

Emily & Jonathan came over an stayed with us for a while one night. For some reason all the monkeys had to be on top of and all over Jonathan and Uncle Alan!
Lets see, Uncle Alan, Abbie, the back of Levi's head & hiney, Andy and that is Jonathan under Andy. But everyone was laughing and having a good time.

We went to the Valentine party at Old Hope Well. I am not sure why I got the looks from the monkeys I did in this picture.
Levi, Andy & Abbie

I made their picture before church Sunday. I LOVE this picture. They did so good! I am not sure why Andy hugged Levi & Abbie up, but I am so glad he did!
SEE! Isn't it good! Levi, Andy & Abbie!

This one also! Levi & Abbie

Miss Abbie - I know she is mine, but isn't she cute!

Levi, One of my handsome little men or as Levi says "little people".

My other handsome little man, Andy.

The kids had to fix their Valentine boxes for school.



Here are the monkeys at school, dressed up for their Valentine Tea.

Andy (sitting), Presley, Abbie & Levi
Ms Debra's class
The Girls
The Guys
Andy & Levi
Friends! Presley, Sydney & Abbie
Andy & Abbie
Andy & Levi
My Princess! Abbie!
Andy was star of the week last week! Here is his poster.

My poor baby is sacked out! I hope he sleeps good tonight!
And now I think I will head to bed! Night All!