Sunday, April 17, 2011

How do you do it?

The last 4 days...  I don't really remember this week before Thursday!  I am give out!  OK -  Lets see. 
*Thursday the kids went to school.  I picked them up, we came home, they snacked a little and we headed to the church.  We went with the youth group to the museum, hospital and out to eat.  We got home around 6 Thursday night.  Just in time for baths and bed. 
*Friday the kids went to the fire department.  We left the fire department and went to a consignment sale in Carrollton.  Picked up a few things we needed and came home.  I started washing clothes.  Trying to get as much as I could done.  The dryer would not come on.  So I called Mike and he got someone to come work on it.  3 1/2 hours/$$$ later the dryer is working.  Got it and the washer going and they paged out a tornado warning.  Turn everything off and load everyone up and head to granny's.  Stayed up there until after 9,  Back home and everyone in the bed! 
*Saturday We headed to a birthday party at 11:00.  After the party we went to Carrollton to the tractor show.  Ended up staying there until around 3.  Came home and sewed up a dress for Abbie and t-shirts for the boys for church Sunday.  Then we had promised the monkeys we would roast marsh mellows.  So out side to do that then back in the house baths & bed.
*Sunday we went to church.  Came home ate lunch.  Uncle Alan, Emily and Jonathan came for a while.  Then back to church for the Easter program.  Back home to get everything ready for the coming week.
Well, there are a few problems will will keep me up late tonight.  There are no jeans clean for the boys to wear to school next week.  Washing a load of jeans, no big deal.  But there is a load of towels in the washer waiting to bed washed.  I turned them on and washed them before we headed to church.  Then at church we had finger foods for supper.  Well Abbie loves strawberries.  I am not sure how many she ate, but there was strawberry juice all down the front of the new outfit she had on.  And I mean all down the front, along with the chocolate cake she ate.  So this HAD to be washed before the stain set and would not come out.
So that is in the dryer right now and then the jeans have to go in.  I do not like to go to bed and leave the dryer going so I will be up until it finishes.  
*Next week - Tuesday the monkeys are having graduation pictures made at school.  So I have to get everyone dressed up before school for their pictures.  I have to carry all their clothes to change into after the pictures are made.  Wednesday I am getting my eyes checked.  I am hoping that this will take care of the headaches I am having right now.  My glasses are not strong enough and this could be the problem.  Thursday the monkeys are having an egg hunt and Easter party at school.  So I will be there for that.  Friday they are out of school!  Saturday we are going to the egg hunt at church,  Then Sunday we are going to church and then having an egg hunt here for the kids.  On top of all the above, the grass has to be cut, the carport has to be cleaned up, clothes still have to be washed and the house HAS to be cleaned up.  I still can not figure out how it gets so bad when we have not been here!
So here is my question...  How do you do it?  I am busy when I am awake.  But I never seem to get any where near everything done that needs to be done.  Even the basics, like clean clothes & dishes washed.  I am going to try and make a BIG dent into my to do list tomorrow while the kids are in school.  Then when they get home I am hoping they will play out side while I get some more done.  And I hate them being outside with out me out there.  But as long as they stay in the finced in area I have been letting them go out some by their selves.  It does help that Abbie is out there.  She will come tell me if the boys don't stay in there.  I  normally stay in the kitchen so I can see them while they are out there. 
Oh another question, How old were your kids when you started letting them play out side by their selves.  The road we are on is not the busiest in the world, but these folks fly by here.  And we are not to far from the road.  Plus snakes are now out, oh God, I had not thought asbout the snakes till just then.  Well maybe they won't play utside by their selves after all.  They may have to wait until Mike can go out with them.
I am going to make me a list right now of what has to be done, clothes, dishes, etc.  And what I need/want to get done and just get going on it!
So any words of wisdom that anyone has, please let me know!  And yes I know the kids are only going to be this age once and I need to not worry about it and spend time with them.  I do, but we still have to live here and I am not one to walk through my house on a path through the mess!  We still have to have clean clothes and dishes.  So sooner or later it has to be done!  And I do spend time with the monkeys, sometimes I think they wish I would leave them alone and not spend so much time with them!

I did make pictures of the monkeys at the fire department and at the tractor show.  But I for got my camera so I ran by and got a throw away that has to be developed and I have not had them done yet.  So there will be pictures at a later date.

Night all!  Well when the clothes get dry!