Sunday, May 29, 2011

Easter & Graduation

These are some what in the correct order.  Blogger has once again changed the way you add pictures.  When I get this figured out they will change it again.

The Easter Bunny came to see the monkeys.


After I got the monkeys dressed for church we went out side to make some pictures.  
I think I try this every year.  And it always comes out looking just like this one.  Way to much sun in their faces! 

This seemed to be much better!   Levi, Abbie & Andy

After church we ate lunch at Nellie & Doug's.  Then everyone came to the house to hide eggs.
Aunt Cindy & Levi
Aunt Cindy, Levi & Daddy
Levi & Andy
Uncle Alan & Aunt Cheryl
Abbie and all the eggs she found.

 This is the aftermath of the Easter Bunny coming!
 Abbie with her Easter Basket

 Levi, Andy & Abbie
 Levi, Abbie & Andy

 Andy & Levi

Abbie has make up.  She loves it, but you never know where she is going to put it!  Like on Mike! 

 The boys helped her some!

 He looks so happy!

The boys found the boxing gloves they got for their birthday a couple of years ago.  

 Then Abbie had to get in on the action.

 This lasted for a few min's and then she was finished.  She slung those gloves off and I have not seen her with them again!

Well the school year is over.  Next year they will be going to kindergarten.  All day.  I am not sure how we are going to deal with this.  Me or them!  They did so good at graduation!  I am so proud on my monkeys!

 Levi, Andy & Abbie

 Levi, Abbie & Andy



 Abbie was talking on her phone.  With all her jewels on of course!
 This is Mike's grandmother Benefield's cabinet.  I have had it up here for over 10 years.  But I have finished it!!!!!!!  Now it is my desk.  Works great!
 We got the monkeys pool up this week.  They had to get in it.  That water was COLD!!!!  I still have not got in it.  I really need to vacuum it out so I guess I may have to get in tomorrow.  I sure hope that water has warmed up, a lot!

I have been working on my bedroom.  It is now finished for the most part.  I think it turned out good.  Even if I did have to paint the walls green!  

 The pictures of each side of my dresser were painted by my grandmother Robinson.  I am so glad I have these!

Levi drew this for me.  All 3 of my monkeys!  I think it is pretty good for a 5 year old!

We are so blessed!  All 3 kids are well, as far as I know!  Levi has to go back to the doctor to make sure his ear infections is better this week.  I have been having some ear issues, but I would rather it was me than them!
Life is good and God is great!  God Bless Everyone!  Night!