Friday, July 8, 2011


We have been busy this summer!  

Abbie has discovered crafts.  It does not take a lot for her to call something a craft.  I think she is going to be a paper shredder when she grows up. Walked in her room a few days ago and this is what it looked like!

 She was having a ball, I can't stand the mess.  So we cleaned her room.  Much better!

 Then I made the mistake of going in to the boys rooms!  Here is Levi's.  Looks like the toy box blew up in there!

 And after a quick clean up!

 Then Andy's room.  His is normally clean.  He does not ever stay in there, so it should be clean!

 And after.  They will not stay this way!

 Last week, after several nights of Levi and Andy having to sleep in the same room it was decided that Levi and Andy would move into the same room.  Well it took all day, but I moved Levi's bed and clothes into Andy's room.  They are now sharing a bedroom.  And Levi's room is now the toy room.  Abbie's room now looks empty!  But so much better.  Now I have to get in the toy room and get all the toys they have out grown, trashed or never liked out of there.  Then maybe they will have some room to play in there!

We went with the youth from Old Hopewell to the mall for a movie & terrific kid Tues. this past week.  The monkeys had a ball! 

We went to Tanners Beach with the church group.  The monkeys loved it!  They are ready to go back.  

If I ever get the toy room finished I will try to get some pictures before the monkeys trash it!

Have a good night!